LikeCoin By LikerLand - Validator Profile

We are the Liker Land team, the major development team for the LikeCoin chain.

What is LIKE?

LikeCoin decentralizes publishing by allowing everyone to publish and store content in NFTs and easy access to decentralizes storage solutions. LikeCoin is an application-specific chain that serves content lovers, writers, media, and journalists to ensure content integrity and preservation. Actively bringing new audiences and use cases to Cosmos. LikeCoin currently consists of 90k+ cosmos addresses, 29k+ creators and 2mil+ registered content.

  • LIKE as a token to register metadata to the LikeCoin chain, store content on IPFS & Arweave with the LikeCoin WordPress plugin, API, and web portal. It can also be used to mint Writing NFT in a recent beta product launch.
  • LIKE is also a reward token available for sites to monetize their content. (over 9k sites installed the reward button)
  • LikeCoin provides publishing infrastructure to serve media, blogs, and creative sites, to bridge the existing publishing ecosystem to Web3.
  • LikeCoin tech stack has been proven in recent years of HackAtom events and is one of Cosmos’s most active GitHub accounts.

Why stake with us?
We run full nodes and relayers connecting LikeCoin and other IBC chains. We also participate in cosmos governance and development. Commission of our validator will be spent on node infrastructure and the development of the LikeCoin ecosystem.

More infomation about us

Latest media coverage: Starling Lab and Hala Systems file Cryptographic Submission of Evidence of War Crimes in Ukraine to the International Criminal Court | USC Shoah Foundation

Experience DePub at

Writing NFT:




Discord: LikeCoin

Github: LikeCoin · GitHub


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