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Hi there, it’s been a while for us to build our own chain from Ethereum to Cosmos SDK. And we are expecting to launch our main net by the end of this month. We have accumulated 500+ websites and 30k+ users using our platform and plug in the past 2 years in APAC region. And we are expecting to expand our community after we issued our own chain. We hope to continue to drive discussions here with the Cosmos community and help us improve along the way.

If you are content creators, come check us out on how we can help you document your work on Blockchain, earn rewards from your creative work and learn about success stories.

Website, Video

If you are developers, please do visit our technical intro and give us some feedback.


Excited to be here! :grinning:

LikeCoin - Realign Creativity and Rewards on the Internet. Rewarding Contents by Proof of Creativity through Cosmos. Follow us: Twitter, Facebook

Our first Validator meeting is happening tomorrow and we are inviting the community to join us!

Thanks all the validators. Decided in the meeting to launch LikeCoin chain SheungWan on 2019.11.15 (F) 1200 GMT+8.

Meeting minutes:

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Today is the day! Thanks to our validators! Today is the birth of the LikeCoin chain. The genesis block of LikeCoin’s own sovereign blockchain mainnet, codename ShengWan, was produced! We can’t wait to see what’s next ahead of us.

Block explorer:

Validated by








Is there telegram channel for validators

I am looking for info such as coin index, prefix, fees, public LCD for testnet and mainnet, token denom

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These are great questions and thanks for asking. Given we just launched our main net for internal testing, most of our listing websites are not updated yet. Here are some useful information for you:

Token denom: nanolike

Public LCD for testnet and mainnet:


We don’t have any fee but if you are regarding commission rate, you can view it here:

For technical reference can go to Github:

Regarding Validators channel - Thank you for your interest and we are excited that you asked.:laughing::grin: LikeCoin chain, for now, is a consortium basis but we do have the plan to invite more validators once the LikeCoin ecosystem is more established.

Community channel:
Slack for active users - Invite via email, please share your email with us!

Hi all, we resumed our project meeting every Monday and open for the community to sit in. If you would like to catch up our latest project status, you are invited to join us starting today at 1130am HKT.:smiley:

LikeCoin is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 776 614
One tap mobile
+85258086088,860776614# Hong Kong, China
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+852 5808 6088 Hong Kong, China
Meeting ID: 860 776 614
Find your local number:

We are just one week away from launching our #LikeCoin chain to the public. Read more about why we have made the decision to move from @ethereum to @cosmos

The migration is now live, check out the article and learn how to migrate your LikeCoin ERC-20 to LikeCoin! After the upgrade, you will be able to dedicate and stack your tokens with the validators. :laughing:

Must read! All you need to know about LikeCoin Chain:

2019 Report is also available:

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