Limit size of community pool

Thoughts on limiting the size of the community pool?

It doesn’t seem useful to let it grow infinitely. I would imagine that, over time, demand for new features/community funded projects will cool down.

Ideally make the limit configurable via governance. Starting point: 500K ATOMs (random number pulled out of thin air).

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We’ve been thinking of either a proposal focused on a different pool focused on carbon and environmental offsetting, or alternatively using a portion of this pool for that purpose to ensure Cosmos Hub is climate positive and carbon negative now and in the future. From that perspective perhaps keeping it simple and using the existing pool makes sense. I am not totally clear about capping the size of the pool in relationship to this use case. I will need to think more.

I think the community fund is for very long term prosperity of cosmos interchain. If we compare to ICF size of 21million, 5miilion even seems small to me. Validators and community participants should develop many things for SDK and funded by community fund. It is a great engine to gather good human capital to the cosmos network.

Because the hub is purely for ibc utility, I think a sdk-project funded by community fund doesnt necessarily need to be used in hub itself. It can be used in various zones connected to the hub. It is a 21c way of venture capital imo. Extensive expenditure of community fund means more direct capital allocation to the actual codebase contributors than purely validating entities.

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I do not think that community pool size should be limited, but instead, cosmos hub and related project should be more actively funded so that community pool actually serves its purpose.

I think it might seem that the community pool becoming large is pointless at this moment, but IBC will let more teams to build with cosmos-sdk. For smaller teams that are trying to use cosmos-sdk to build new things will need funding, and having a situation where a good project cannot be funded because of size limit on community pool and the funds within, should not happen.

I want to establish a proposal to create an equilibrium algorithm, using the common fund as a support to provoke the decentralization with a direct inflation on the inflation costs of the major Validators. Separating the community fund from inflation of the monetary base. It is important to separate it for the next proposal to limit Atom’s max supply in the coming years without altering the community fund… I also want in the future to make another proposal to create a university of Developers of the Cosmos to encourage adoption and a massive revolution. These are two good reasons to leave the fund without a limit at the moment …

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I think this is a great solution to use the fund for expanding the utility system. The best way is to providing liquidity fund that are the most common from all other stable coins: USDT, USDC, BUSD, HUSD, USDK. Ending of the day we need to allow cross-chain module to be active in order to make use the community pool fund.

I am very against this. We need to put these funds to work and spend more not cap funding! Why don’t we start using these funds instead of letting cosmos stagnate?

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