List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

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In response to comments made by @JesseLivermore link and @comega link

If this acts as a historical record for the projects in Cosmos and Tendermint Ecosystem, we need a better solution to keep track of the projects and help everyone stay updated. I’ve created a simple solution for the community to learn more about the projects. I’d like to invite everyone to check out :rocket::milky_way:

To learn more about the project:

Adding a project:

Suggest a project:

If anyone has any questions, feel free to create an issue. I’ll be happy to answer and address them on the GitHub repository.

PS: This is an experimental project by @lovincyrus, and it is not a Cosmos organization project.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

:rocket: - Cyrus

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Cool to see you say “cool to see you,” thanks for the welcome and thank you so much for this resource, @asmodat.

Could I get you to change our name to KONSTELLATION with a K, please? When we made our brand we chose this for SEO purposes. Or so I’m told. Plus, we’ve actually already gone through this with ChainLink, as they are partnering with another different blockchain project which is called Constellation with a C. Ha ha!

Also, I noticed other people were sharing their top social, so here’s ours:

Thanks a million. Looking forward to build the best niche financial services ecosystem for FinTech 2.0 on Cosmos!!

Name is now fixed, welcome to cosmos

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I would suggest to replace the Comdex proof with this one:

done, proof replaced



I propose we shift to using as the canonical list. It’s organized to allow seeing which specific “cosmos technology” different projects are using.

It’s open source, and anyone can make PRs to it here:


Thanks for the work! We are already there :star_struck:

Also submitted to the Cosmos Ecosystem Project list, not sure when it will reveal on the website :thinking:

People are doing cool stuff and here it is

Hi @asmodat !
I am Jeffrey Hu from IRISnet. Would like to introduce our product IRITA to the list:


Is this different then IRIS listed at position 19 ?

Yes, this is a different one. IRITA is a permissioned blockchain product. Below is some brief info about it:


Added to the list, thank you for all the links

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Seems like this list hasn’t been updated in a while

@lovincyrus maintains the repo, but he’s been happy to accept PRs to update the list here: now supports Cosmos and all the projects built on the Cosmos SDK. is a crosschain decentralized cloud project. It features database (inc. file storage), computing and a DID framework.

See the official Cosmos Integration announcement on blog.

Note that already partnered and integrated with Starname, the Cosmos based crosschain name service. Read the partnership and integration announcement on blog. official website.

Hello to all!
I have submitted a pull request so that the Enigma is updated to Secret Network @lovincyrus . I would be indebted if this was taken care off. Have a good day everyone.

:bell: Update for

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Hello All,
and greetings to you @asmodat
Project: Comic Chain
Proof: What’s in a Comic Chain?. The Industry Dynamics and Technology… | by The Multiverse! | May, 2021 | Medium
Chat: (

Project Dapp: HeroLedger
App Temp Site: (early stage dapp)
Site 2:
Site 3: (early stage block explorer)
Chat: (

Note: Github Repo on this project temporarily unavailable. Also currently updating whitepaper from copy on website.

Description: Comic Chain is the first blockchain specifically for indie comic book publishers and individual comic creators. It acts to securely store and track records of transactions, digital assets and activities related to comic production. Our debut decentralized application HeroLedger, is a blockchain based b2b marketplace and digital asset registry for comic creator artistic IP.

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can someone help. sorry if this is not the forum to ask this…