Validator Candidates

To all validator candidates,

Please post your validator website on this topic. We will keep the following list up-to-date.

You are also free to add some more information, such as contact information.

Validator candidates websites:

Note that inclusion in this list does not mean endorsement by the Tendermint Team or the Interchain foundation. Each user is encouraged to perform careful due diligence on every validator candidate.


F4RM - secure network validation & pooled digital asset staking -

follow F4RM on twitter -


Veritas Validators - secured Cosmos node validators from industry veterans - (site coming soon)

We are Guy Halford-Thompson and Jackson Warren

We operate a large number of DASH Masternodes and have extensive experience setting up secure crypto platforms and managing enterprise infrastructure hardware.

1 Like - Blockchain Supply-Chain, Smart-Property, and Energy Technology Applications

EnLedger runs private Cosmos validator node networks (EnergyChain, LandChain), and will maintain at least one full Cosmos Node, for purposes of staking and facilitating atomic swaps and exchange.

EnLedger works in energy-grid level optimization and notarization / access layers to data related to distributed energy resources and renewable energy microgrids and wind-farms. We are working on our first crowd-funded micro-grid project, first of many hopefully, and in the longer term we plan to support applications and pilots in several other verticals including smart-property, supply-chain management, and pharma applications.

linked profiles of some of our founders and advisors:
Jason Dispenza CEO - /in/jason-dispenza-808a9b10
Ryan Molecke CTO - /in/ryanmolecke/
David Samuel Smitth COO - /in/david-samuel-smith-1ba6b95/
James Barry (advisor) - /in/jamesbarry/
Bernhard Raberger (advisor) - /in/bernhard-raberger-b8b3baaa/

2 Likes - Hub for staking digital assets. Details will be given onsite before genesis. Years in server administration, proven track record of operating several nodes for DPoS blockchains, plus significant self-bonded stake.

Hello, Greetings from Romania.


Initial details on Block Finance’s validator setup here:

1 Like - Scandinavian startup looking to become a validator in the Cosmos network and other ledger platforms. We are looking forward to working with you guys. We are also in talks with Ethereum and have an ICO pending.

I can be contacted directly by prefixing the email with “av”.

Best regards,

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Do we know how many ATOMS are needed to get into the 100 validator position?

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Thanh Son from Vietnam

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Induction Internet Informatics & Services Co, a Delaware corporation, in business since 2014. ( File Number 5460788)

David Puchyr ( will spearhead Cosmos efforts. - secure and reliable node.

JMF Solutions, Inc.

JMF has been in business since 2005. JMF is heavily invested in BGP peering with 10G+ connectivity in 50 datacenters. We are on multiple peering exchanges and and have extensive tier1/2 connectivity. We have extensive cloud and computing resources in multiple datacenters as well. In 2017 we created a new entity called Distributed Ledger, Inc that invests in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies with purpose. We are very interested in the Cosmos project and would like to be a part of it by dedicating resources and becoming a validator.

secure and reliable node, please add

Galaxy Zone’s validator node connects to the rest of the Cosmos Testnet network through several sentry nodes.


**** ****

                      Telegramm ID:  COSMODROME US

                         US BASED DELAWARE CORP 
         digital asset staking private Cosmos validator node

Delaware company File Number 3557789)

The company executed 3 blockchain project and offers blockchain software development services.

AWS & Cloud Computing
With AWS company takes advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure, the virtual backbone of Amazon multi-billion dollar online business that has been honed for over a decade.
Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, our cosmos node can scale up based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, Cosmos-Validator has access to compute and storage resources on demand.
AWS utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure and harden our infrastructure, including physical, operational, and software measures. Our certified network architecture experts configure cloud securely, not a single point of failure, layer 4 load-balancing node. 24 hours live online monitoring and notifications. Always available on Telegram channel,
Please JOIN us
Low Fees!

ChorusOne —>
High reliability tools for secure decentralized networks.

Please add us to the list.