List of projects in Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem

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I have submitted a pull request so that the Enigma is updated to Secret Network @lovincyrus . I would be indebted if this was taken care off. Have a good day everyone.

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Project: Comic Chain
Proof: What’s in a Comic Chain?. The Industry Dynamics and Technology… | by The Multiverse! | May, 2021 | Medium
Chat: (

Project Dapp: HeroLedger
App Temp Site: (early stage dapp)
Site 2:
Site 3: (early stage block explorer)
Chat: (

Note: Github Repo on this project temporarily unavailable. Also currently updating whitepaper from copy on website.

Description: Comic Chain is the first blockchain specifically for indie comic book publishers and individual comic creators. It acts to securely store and track records of transactions, digital assets and activities related to comic production. Our debut decentralized application HeroLedger, is a blockchain based b2b marketplace and digital asset registry for comic creator artistic IP.

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can someone help. sorry if this is not the forum to ask this…

Hello. How can you get a project listed on the Cosmos Ecosystem dapp page?