Memory consumption for tendermint applications

I noticed a our tendermit application ,was showing a constantly incresing graph for the memeory usage .
Tryi to debug the issue , I though of setting up a sample tendermint application .
I followed thes steps here
The tendermint version I used is 0.33.3
Golang version is 1.13

I wrote a sample script to send trasactions repeatedly .
If i track the memory usage I can see it increses when I run the test ( I send about 10000 TX in async) . But the memory is never release after the test is over .

So I even tried running an empty tendermint application . Commented out the DB iniitialization ,and left the blockhain running creating empty blocks . It still shows a meemory increse . Is there something that I am missing completely missing here ?

The pprof from my original application shows that the increase in memeory footprint is due to to loading up the the avl tree at every block , but I am not sure why does the emmory print of the avl tree increase ?

Are you using the Cosmos-SDK? Or just the IAVL in a custom application? Would be helpful to get more info. If it’s related to the Cosmos-SDK/IAVL, would be good to open an issue on the repo - If it’s more about the Tendermint mempool, you could open an issue on tendermint -