Monitoring/Alerting for your Validator


You mean the Grafana dashboard? It should work with any network your node is running, as long as the connection to Prometheus doesn’t get changed. So no need to update it :slight_smile: I haven’t tried it in 7004 yet, though.


We have updated it and I’m testing with it now. I keep receiving absent validator notification if our validator node didn’t send vote to a certain height. You can add the bot and subscribe to your validator address to try.


Where is prometheus.yml?


Thanks for your work on this! I’m trying to configure the dashboard to monitor one of my validators. Could you please provide some guidance on the required settings for the Prometheus data source, show in the screenshot?


The URL in the HTTP section needs to be configured to the HTTP API URL of the Prometheus server that is scraping your validator input.

The Grafana documentation on this topic might be helpful as well.