Testnet Proposals (Alerts & Autovoting)

As many of you know, yesterday the validator chat realized that the current VotingPeriod for proposals is 200 blocks. That gives validators around 20 minutes before they get slashed for not voting. We all can agree that this is a bug and that the VotingPeriod needs to be adjusted. But for now, we created some scripts to solve the problem in the mean time.

I wrote a script that allows you to receive a SMS once a new proposal is found. Something like this can be useful in mainnet as well, so you don’t miss new proposals. Since this script is not voting automatically, it can be run on any node (eg. a public sentry node)

The script can be found here. I recommend running it in a screen. In order to be alerted you need to pass a phone number to the script. You need to attach a country code (Germany would be +49) but without the “+” sign in the beginning. Here is an example how you would execute the script correctly:

source propsal_alert.sh 491631234123

If you don’t want to be alerted of a new proposal but just autovote (this is for testnet, not for a live network), rickg from BaryonNetwork posted a nice autovoting script. You can find that here. Since this script is actually voting for you (it always votes yes), it needs to run on the node with the keys (probably your validator node…).

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them below. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow sms give my phone number? Ufffff

To many security alerts exploits in my brain.

  1. And if is a bug. Why made more propos just now that is a bug.?

  2. Explain the urgent of made propos now for example.

  3. I need to stay on my desk 24x7 awaiting the sms?

Imo this is a break in the validator security.

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You don’t give your phone number to me. It is just sent to the stdlib api over https. If you don’t trust them with your phone number you can just exchange that one line and use a service you are trusting. This is just an example. It’s pretty easy to rewrite that script to use email/telegram or whatever. If you wan’t to keep your phone number private, there are plenty of SMS forwarding services out there that provide you with a trashable phone number.

I don’t understand what you mean by your first argument.

  1. This is a public testnet. Anyone can make proposals. People want to try out how it works. There is nothing wrong with that. If you don’t want to get slashed for not voting you will need to find a way to get notified. In the long run, the VotingPeriod will be longer and we can solve that over a website with email notification/subscription for example.

  2. The nice thing with SMS is that you receive them everywhere and don’t need to be on your desk 24/7 :wink: I don’t understand what’s the issue with this. If you’re not using some kind of alerting tool you’ll be on your desk and checking gaiacli every 5 minutes. So in my opinion this is just an improvement.

I just talking from my experience and point of view.
Sms bad idea.
Email is better and more SAFU

I’m using a throw-away google voice number for now :slight_smile:

My experience is now the proposals are a beneficial way to force us into figuring out how they work. Now some of us have done that, the auto-voting negates the governance model :wink:

SMS notificstion is ok to me.

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