Multi Message Broadcast Struggle


I apologize in advance because this is not specifically related to a txn on the cosmos chain - but in general, I’m struggling to send a multi-message broadcast through any IBC chain.

Code 4
signature verification failed; please verify account number (ACCOUNT NUMBER) and chain-id (CHAIN NAME): unauthorized

Where CHAIN NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER is my account number and CHAIN NAME is the respective chain name. I have verified a million times and sending a single offline signed txn works perfect.

Can I get clarification on what exactly is needed in a multi message broadcast? Currently, I am simply adding the entire additional message within the message [ ] - with no additional changes from a single message broadcast (includes all signature information as I used the corresponding cli to sign the generated txn). Anything else needed - and what is this message really trying to tell me? The chain or my account doesn’t allow multi-message broadcasts? Or some part of the signature verification is failing (even though it works for a single txn broadcast?).

I have also attempted to add additional signatures/sequence information but this just throws "multiple signatures were given when only one is needed message.

All help is greatly appreciated.

So this is just the generic signature validation failure message, it could be something else.

I’ve been pretty successful with multi messages and the IBC relayers all use them