Help with "signature verification failed"

Hi, Can anyone help me?

I have a very strange error: signature verification failed

I am pretty sure that my passphrase is correct.

gaiacli send --amount=1steak --chain-id=7001 --from liangping --to cosmosaccaddr1rxxcpkmsngd0azkh3n2467m66ls4rwq52yuv27

Defaulting to account number: 29
Defaulting to next sequence number: 0
Password to sign with ‘liangping’:
ERROR: checkTx failed: (65540) === ABCI Log ===
Codespace: 1
Code: 4
ABCICode: 65540
Error: --= Error =–
Data: common.FmtError{format:“signature verification failed”, args:[]interface {}(nil)}
Msg Traces:
–= /Error =–
=== /ABCI Log ===

when i execute other commands like edit-validator , i get the same error.

then I try gaiacli account xxxxx.

“type”: “auth/Account”,
“value”: {
“address”: “cosmosaccaddr1rxxcpkmsngd0azkh3n2467m66ls4rwq52yuv27”,
“coins”: [
“denom”: “liangpingToken”,
“amount”: “1000”
“denom”: “steak”,
“amount”: “50”
“public_key”: null,
“account_number”: “29”,
“sequence”: “0”

“public_key”: null, why here is null ?

That is the expected behavior when the passphrase is wrong. Can you double check that and try again? Or if you have forgotten the password try creating a new key and trying the whole flow again?

thanks, I finally find out what’s going on.

What’s your problem eventually?

A stupid mistake!,
i used a wrong chain-id: 7001.

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