Name service tutorial


I am new to cosmos and I am trying the Getting Started | Cosmos SDK Tutorials.

However, I see to run into a compile error uploading files · Rajakavitha1/nameservice@3c0ff2d · GitHub

Also on MacOS I am running into:
:package: Installing dependencies…

🛠️ Building the app...

cannot build app:


cgo-gcc-prolog:203:11: warning: 'SecTrustedApplicationCreateFromPath' is deprecated: first deprecated in macOS 10.15 - No longer supported [-Wdeprecated-declarations]

/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Security.framework/Headers/SecTrustedApplication.h:59:10: note: 'SecTrustedApplicationCreateFromPath' has been explicitly marked deprecated here


x/nameservice/types/key.go:11:2: RouterKey redeclared in this block

previous declaration at x/nameservice/types/MsgSetName.go:8:19

waiting for a fix before retrying...

When I try to build I get this error:

../../x/nameservice/client/cli/txWhois.go:55:52: cannot use cliCtx.GetFromAddress() (type "".AccAddress) as type string in argument to "".NewMsgSetName

../../x/nameservice/client/cli/txWhois.go:55:52: cannot use argsName (type string) as type "".AccAddress in argument to "".NewMsgSetName

Can someone please help?

Thanks in Advance