Naming - is it Bonding or Delegating


As a wallet (imToken), we have end users who delegate their ATOMs to Chorus One, Spark Pool etc.

My question is what the best (i.e. easy to understand) word for this process is?

  1. delegate, undelegate, redelegate. My reasoning so far: ‘A delegator delegates ATOM’ makes sense.
  2. bond, unbond, rebond. My reasoning: Seems to be used synonymous with delegate. It also comes up more often on a google search. But doesn’t seem as self-explaining to me
  3. stake, unstake, restake. My reasoning: ‘staking’ should be the process that a validator does instead of the end-user, i.e. delegator. ‘A validator stakes ATOM’

What do you think are pro and contra?

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I like this attempt to clarify.
I would say: Delegated Atoms can be BONDED to a VALIDATOR. In the future you might also delegate atoms to a voting representative, which would not be bonded. So in one case they are nearly synonyms, but in the other case (yet to be implemented) there is a different.
I like the idea that VALIDATORS are staking, and DELEGATORS are BONDING to a VALIDATOR in order to STAKE the network. This seems very clear.