Designs: Delegating on iPhone

Hey everyone,

We are really keen to add support for Cosmos to Balance Wallet, our iOS Ethereum Wallet. I thought I would share some of the ideas for how delegating stake on mobile could look here.


Hi, @ricburton! Thank you for sharing the visuals.
Could you elaborate on how “Redelegate my stake to the best place” algorithm will work?

Not sure “remove my stake as soon as possible” makes sense. Since there is a withdraw fee you don’t want to withdraw an amount where the transaction fee is a sizable % of the reward. I’m assuming this is really about withdrawing the “reward”, not the stake. In which case it should be “withdraw when reward is >=xxxx atoms.

Redelegate function will need a way to choose the validator.

Optionally, a config screen for choosing various auto functions can be done too. For example, being able to choose lets say 4 validators for auto-delegate in sequential rotation after atoms are received. This could work with non-hw wallet which does not require manual signing for operations.

I would add the ability to sort by at least 2 or 3 validator columns. As an example a user might want to sort by lowest commission, then best uptime for secondary sort. Aging of validator would be good to know too. Meaning, how long a validator has been in service.