New ICF Delegation Policy - Question

I have a question regarding something that has changed from the draft to the actual policy. The draft said this:

#2 Engineering (Cosmos Hub)
A validator may receive up to 6 points in this section, 1 point for each item below:

  • Wallets: Wallets that support Cosmos Hub and Governance
  • Relayers: IBC Relayers connect between the Cosmos Hub and another chain

The actual policy says this:

#3 Public Good Contributions
Validators may receive 1 point for each eligible activity/project.
Below are a few examples of activities that would receive a point. This is not an exhaustive list.
ā— IBC Relayers: IBC transfers
across the Interchain. You may receive 1 point for each chain pair that you relay for.

If I understand this correctly then in the draft you were limited by 6 points and now there is no limit stated anymore and you get 1 point for each pair. So if you have 10 chains, each connected with each other, you have 45 points (10*9/2) and if you have 20 chains, then 190 points. This seems to be the biggest change in the draft or is there something that I do not understand correctly?

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nobody has any knowledge about this?

Iā€™m curious too.

Maybe @catdotfish can help?

good question. seems logical if it was 1 point for each thing. 1 for an explorer, 1 for a dashboard, etc. though i dont know too

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