NFT minting on Cosmos

Hey all,

Blake here from the dropspace team. I have no intention to propose something at this time but really just wanted to share with you all what we’ve been working on and see if there was any overlap.

I was more curious: How do you find NFT minting on Cosmos?

Is it easy, is it smooth?

We’ve developed a platform where a user can come on, create a mint page (and design it how they like), deploy their own smart contract on-chain, then copy/paste a snippet of code to host the mint on their own website all in a few quick and easy steps.

Then they control all elements of the mint (mint limits, price, launch date, whitelist, withdrawal, etc) through the back end panel.

You can customize the colors, look and feel of the checkout widget and then paste the code on any website. This widget shows their mint’s countdown timer, number minted, mint button and can essentially allow them to whitelist the mint.

It’s like a Stripe checkout form for any websites, only tied to your own smart contract.

And I almost forgot to mention: it’s free for creators (they just pay gas to deploy).

We’ve gone live on a few chains and proven there is big demand - on Ethereum we’ve had some big brands and projects launch with us and have transacted more than $10 million in NFTs.

I’m happy to share a video or more info about how all of this works.

But just was more of a feeler to guage the general sentiment toward NFT minting currently in the ecosystem.

If there’s something here, happy to continue to discuss.


We’re going to work on getting this on testnet. But any feedback or opinions from the community would be greatly appreciated.

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You mint NFTS on Cosmos just like on Solana or Etehreum. You go to a specific chain, i.e. Stargaze (kinda like opensea, but somewhat more decentralized) and mint. Or you go to a project like cyber, use their CLI and mint (same as with many eth projects). Anyways. Its as simple as 1,2,3


It’s good there are existing solutions and that it’s already simplified.

Our idea was to bring another platform over (dropspace) that we’ve already developed and give more options to the community.

That would allow them to add checkout widgets/NFT sales to their websites, control all elements of the mint from a back end panel, bring a more modern interface and simplicity to the whole process for anyone who isn’t even remotely technical.

If we think the community would use it, we’re likely to pursue this.

I am curious when the atom network will finally catch up with the evm and solana networks

We’ve seen this platform play out really well on Ethereum, and until now Solana has mainly used the launchpad model but they have indicated they want to move away from that where projects mint on their own websites just like in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ex. All the original big NFT collections like BAYC, Cool Cats, Doodles, etc. They all are premium because they launched themselves, not on a launchpad or using a tool.

We want to help projects have this ability and control all their branding.

Would be cool to bring this to Atom.

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If you’re interested to learn more from the Cosmos NFT story, there’s a lot to cover here.

A minimum baseline is that the open-source Cosmos SDK has implemented solutions to create collections, mint, burn, transfer, etc… This was signaled by the ADR 43: NFT Module | Explore the SDK which initial draft was crafted on 2021-05-01.

You can read more about the ADR concept in this blog post.

To learn about the actual module designed for this purpose, you’ll find some high level documentation on the Cosmos SDK’s documentation : x/nft | Explore the SDK

Finally if you’re willing to go deep down the rabbit hole, you can explore the module’s code itself on the public github repo: cosmos-sdk/x/nft at main · cosmos/cosmos-sdk · GitHub

You’ve mentioned your vision to see individual projects taking full control over their collections. Well then Cosmos is well suited for this purpose. Collection who want to retain full sovereignty would be able to create their own custom tailored chain, iterating freely from the base code share above. Endless customization is possible, no vertical value extraction from an L1, and on top of it the ability to make every module “IBC enabled” to support interoperability with other chains in the Cosmos.

It may take some time for people to realize that Cosmos has a much better offering than its competitors. Those who venture in this ecosystem rarely leave. Maybe you’ll be one of them too.

Hope this was helpful to you!


The platform can demonstrate its ease of use and the benefits of minting.

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Heck yeah, this is amazing. Thank you for the detail here!