Notionals Cosmos Hub Reporting Page


As part of Notional’s ongoing work on the Cosmos Hub, we will be providing regular updates on our progress through monthly and quarterly reporting. These reports will allow the Cosmos community to stay informed about our work, provide feedback, and help guide our future efforts.

Monthly Reports

Our monthly reports will provide a detailed overview of the work we have completed during the previous month, including any upgrades or changes made to the Cosmos Hub. We will also discuss any issues or challenges we encountered and how we addressed them.

Quarterly Reports

In addition to our monthly reports, we will provide a more comprehensive update on our work every quarter. These reports will include a summary of the work completed during the previous three months and a more detailed analysis of our progress and any challenges we faced. We will also provide an overview of our plans for the next quarter, including any upgrades or changes we plan to make to the Cosmos Hub.


We hope to foster more transparency and engagement with the Cosmos community by providing regular updates on our work. We believe that this will help us to build a better and more sustainable Cosmos Hub, and we look forward to continuing our work in partnership with the community.

Special Thanks and Credit to William, Minh and Geoffery for doing such an outstanding job creating this page. As alway feedback is most welcome.


Some additional ongoing work

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Hey guys, we have finished up another report

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Appreciate the effort. Projects should follow this precedence.


That really means a lot coming from you. Thank you!

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Apologies for not posting May’s Report on the forum when it was put on twitter. Posting now for record.


June Report


July Report.

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August Report

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September’s Report

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October’s Report