Panic: Failed to process committed block

I[2019-07-31|16:17:00.127] Executed block module=state height=10445 validTxs=0 invalidTxs=1
I[2019-07-31|16:17:00.131] Committed state module=state height=10445 txs=1 appHash=23D827043ED8336D9F0155BE667E004E64225F5C324483F270D117AD52B5CD77
panic: Failed to process committed block (10446:ABCD50764CA3D66481B8510A0FEC36EF8BAFC982257F704A26D89A0E5D6EE5F0): Wrong Block.Header.AppHash. Expected 23D827043ED8336D9F0155BE667E004E64225F5C324483F270D117AD52B5CD77, got 474CCA25B2522377DC8483BE35A6581B36137877789E5D831C4DA0F1BCDB2B8D

goroutine 96 [running]:*BlockchainReactor).poolRoutine(0xc0009b01a0)
/home/ubuntu/goWorkPlace/src/ +0x1542
created by*BlockchainReactor).OnStart
/home/ubuntu/goWorkPlace/src/ +0x84

You might be using an outdated version of the software

You need use v0.34.7 to synch cosmoshub-2

cosmos-sdk version is 0.35.0, in my own testnet

Possibly a bug in your testnet code? Are you running stock software or your own code?

I run on my own testnet, I change the cosmos-sdk code, so the data hava some problems. Now I already deploy again, it’s noramal.