Mac node error on handshake, block height - Please Assist

Running node on Mac (go, brew, gaiad, gaiacli). Node was running fine for months, terminated program (not the first time), restarted computer, went to restart node, got the following error:

USC02XF5:~ USER$ cd .gaiad
USC02XF5:.gaiad USER$ gaiad start
I[2019-06-21|16:34:03.363] Starting ABCI with Tendermint module=main
ERROR: Error during handshake: Error on replay: Wrong Block.Header.AppHash. Expected 91929AA0CA75E18855F6709D64812C0317241209309BEA4B088E4A41D2A876F6, got 840B34D2AEC07BF586EB8B59E2E503FE8D786BE18ACF816A62FF5817ECFCCD48

Been searching for a week or two for a fix online, but can’t find anything definitive except old testnet bugs. Not sure if applies, please assist. Thank you!

This is a known bug that was fixed in the following version:

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Thank you! Could you also assist with info on how to best update sdk repo?

@kwunyeung has posted a useful script at some point in the past that could act as a nice reference point to update sdk