Photon and Atoms inflation distribution to Validators

How will the inflationary tokens (Photons and Atoms to start) be distributed to Validators?

Round number Assumptions:
100 Validators
500 new Photons minted per hour
12% annual Atom inflation (1% per month)

If 100 Validators, does each Validator get 1/100 (1%) of the new Photons created per hour? So each Validator get 5 Photons per hour, in addition to whatever fee tokens they collect?

Or is the Photon inflation received based on amount staked?

Same question for Atoms.

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I read the latest blog, and it seems Photon may not be available until we pass a governance proposal to activate it.

about the inflation of ATOM, in the code, the provision is calculated every hour and then added to the staking pool, as:

provision = total supply * 12% / (hours in a year)

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Link to code @suyu ?

preliminary mechanism here: