Issuance rewards on Mainnet (Atoms and Photons)

We are close to a mainnet launch and there is not much talks about the economics of the token rewards for block producers.

Are we still planning to have photons? What’s the expected issuance rate and the rationale behind it?

Are we going to issue more atoms? What’s the rationale behind it?

Further upgrades in the protocol will allow modification of the issuance rates? Could be done through votations?

As this is an experiment, I would like to have tools to update to iterate on issuance rates once we are on mainnet. I wouldn’t prefer to write in stone the issuance rate for all the life of Cosmos network.

If you truly believe that issuance rate are difficult to change without a contentious fork, we need to discuss this numbers with the community.

Thanks for your time.

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If you’re looking for concrete inflation numbers for mainnet, I do not believe those have been revealed yet. However, GoS rates will be released shortly and you can read the distribution spec here.

In addition, there has been talk about various inflation mechanisms on Github and their corresponding attack surfaces.