Privacy in Cosmos


As part of our effort to raise awareness about privacy and ZK in the Cosmos ecosystem, we are funding and hosting our 2nd IRL Privacy in Cosmos event in partnership with RockawayX. This time, it will take place on June 7th in Prague, following Gateway.

Last year Privacy in Cosmos

The event:

This event will be highly focused on discussions, no shilling. It will feature two panel sessions and two open discussions where the community can participate and ask questions to the speakers.

As a preliminary plan, we have the following panels and discussions in mind:


  • How can we utilise ICS as a platform for Privacy Chains?
  • Integrating privacy projects from outside the Cosmos ecosystem into Cosmos

Open discussions:

  • How can we achieve privacy in Cosmos? How should it be implemented?
  • The future of the Cosmos Hub

We will also provide updates from various privacy projects that are building in Cosmos.

Why are we posting this here?

Our objective with this post is to seek feedback from the community on the topics they would like to see covered during the event in relation to privacy.

Additionally, we wanted to open this thread on the forum so that anyone can contribute with questions they would like us to address during the panel sessions or open discussions.

You can sign up here

P.S. We are offering paid tickets to estimate the number of attendees accurately. If you require financial support, please email us, and we will provide you with a discount code for a Free pass:


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