Cosmos Ecosystem Discussion Group

Hi Cosmonauts! My name is James Waugh, and I’m currently working as the Marketing and Community Experience Manager at Enigma, which is one of the key contributors to the development of Secret Network. I’m posting here to start discussion about an idea for a discussion group intending to facilitate coordination around shared goals of the Cosmos ecosystem. First, I’ll share my background information, then we can delve into the plan.

What is Secret Network

Enigma is helping to build Secret Network using the Cosmos SDK with privacy-preserving smart contract functionality based on CosmWasm running inside Trusted Execution Environments. Secret contracts improve usability of existing blockchain applications and expand the impact of products that can be built on public blockchains. We are positioning Secret Network as the Secret Hub with IBC connections to other networks in the Cosmos ecosystem of ecosystems. Secret Hub can offer programmable privacy features that are important for the sustainability of Cosmos.

We are getting ready to propose an upgrade to enable running secret contracts (CosmWasm smart contracts with encrypted inputs/outputs/state) on Secret Network. Up next will be Phase 2 of Secret Games, our incentivized testnet program. Here is an update on Phase 1:

You can learn more about Secret Network by joining our community forum, RocketChat, or in recent posts on the Secret Blog, like this one:

Why Am I Here?

I’ve reached out to several members of the Cosmos ecosystem about organizing a monthly discussion to facilitate coordination of many different blockchains and their communities. The purpose is to build connections between people working toward similar goals in Cosmos.

Universal Goals

  1. Growth
  2. Education
  3. Collaboration

The Plan

Next month (August 2020), we will have a public discussion focused on ecosystem governance. This inclusive online gathering will feature short presentations by representatives from various Cosmos hubs and zones. By considering a diverse array of insights and perspectives, we hope to discover common goals and promote collaboration between multiple blockchain communities. As a whole, our ecosystem is more valuable than the sum of its parts. Let’s work together and create universal economies on the internet of blockchains!


As a representative of Secret Network, I could give an update on the integration of secret contract functionality. Following the Stargate upgrade, this unique capability will become available for utilization by other zones and hubs. Other representatives might provide critical feedback and guidance toward integrations. Hopefully, the Cosmos Ecosystem Discussion Group will strengthen connections between projects and help identify opportunities for all kinds of stakeholders.

Reserve Time for Your Presentation

If you would like to speak at our first meeting, please reply to this post and introduce what you are going to share. Or just reach out to me: // @jwaup

Let us know any ideas or questions! Your feedback is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: