[PROPOSAL #13][ACCEPTED] Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal A

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Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal A

Figment Networks

July 26, 2019


Cosmos SDK is software that all validators must run in order to participate in the Cosmos Hub blockchain. The Tendermint team, All in Bits, has upgraded the Gaia-13004 testnet, the changes for which may be found in this blog post and more comprehensively in this changelog. The release is on track to be deployed on mainnet as cosmoshub-3. Some of the noteworthy changes include the items signalled in previous, successful governance proposals:

1. Activate the Community Pool - enable governance to spend funds from the community pool (full proposal)

2. Don’t Burn Deposits for Rejected Governance Proposals Unless Vetoed - if a proposal gets rejected without being vetoed, the deposits will be returned to the depositors (and if a proposal fails to meet quorum, its deposit will still be burned) (full proposal)

3. Notification for Security Critical Hard Fork at Block 482100 - critical security vulnerability in the codebase for the Cosmos Hub (additional info)

4. Increase Max Validator Set Size to 125 - (full proposal)

The Cosmos SDK will also enable creating and voting on governance proposals that modify on-chain parameters without halting or forking the network, as well as the spending of community funds.

This is a proposal to approve these high-level changes for a final vote for what will become Cosmos Hub 3. Please read them carefully: https://github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/blob/rc1/v0.36.0/CHANGELOG.md

If approved, and assuming that testing is successful, there will be a second proposal called Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal B. Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal B should specify 1) the software hash; 2) the block height state export from cosmoshub-2; 3) the genesis time; 4) instructions for generating the new genesis file.


We are signalling our approval to:

  1. Accept this list of high-level changes: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk/rc1/v0.36.0/CHANGELOG.md
  2. Proceed to a final vote to signal the cosmoshub-3 upgrade based upon these changes.


These upgrades reflect the preferences signalled by the voters in prior governance proposal votes. These upgrades advance the Cosmos Hub’s functionality and intended value.

In no particular order, the stakeholder parties likely to be impacted by advancing this decision:

  1. Software developers
  2. Validators
  3. Delegators

This decision will likely impact the stakeholders in these ways:

  1. Software developers will have the burden of releasing new software that is compatible with the breaking changes.
  2. Validators and Delegators will have the burden of verifying and/or accepting the new Cosmos SDK software code prior to the second vote.
  3. Validators will have the burden of voting on a second upgrade proposal.
  4. Delegators may have the burden of voting on two Cosmos SDK software upgrade proposals.

This proposal is only to signal acceptance/rejection of the changes that are proposed to be included in the Cosmos Hub 3 upgrade at a high level, and in preparation for a second vote upon the precise software that will be released. It should always be each validator’s responsibility to decide what software they will run, and nothing in this proposal should be construed to undermine that responsibility.

Notes and/or Future Considerations

  1. A Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Proposal B will follow.
  2. As stakeholders, we will want upgrades to improve the Cosmos SDK software via the governance process. Thus, we should establish a formal process by which various parties may contribute upgrades to the Cosmos Hub.
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Added detail to make it clear that this is the first part of two proposals. Proposal A is meant to signal the approval of the high-level changes to be included in Cosmos Hub 3.

Proposal B should specify 1) the software hash for v0.36.0; 2) the block height state export from cosmoshub-2; 3) the genesis time; 4) instructions for generating the new genesis file.

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Edit: the proposal is on-chain and has entered the voting period: https://hubble.figment.network/cosmos/chains/cosmoshub-2/governance/proposals/13