[PROPOSAL #34][ACCEPTED] Luna Mission - Funding $ATOM

@johnniecosmos really good points! Appreciate the response and potential plans of action you suggested! I agree that speed is definitely a motivating factor here in how quickly the proposal went out to a vote. Just also want to emphasize the points around sufficient time for discussion that others have brought up. These forums are places we’d like to see open and public communication where the proverbial clock starts ticking when drafts are submitted. But again, agree that we all know that we’re at the mercy of these market cycles!

Would definitely love to see a long-term working group established with dedicated resources that represent the gamut of the different entities beyond that of the 3 month window we’ve set here with this proposal. I think the idea of a unified message echoed in solidarity backed by all entities in the Cosmos ecosystem would speak volumes to Cosmos’ rallying together and moving/looking towards the same horizon–especially to those external to Cosmos looking critically at us.

I can reach out independently to some of the AiB folks if that’s what you think would be reasonable! Would be great to kick start some conversations for this longer-term working group and have it spawn off from there.

As you are on the governance committee, would it be reasonable as well to have some formalized methods of communication channels with the community?

I can also get started on some conversations with the quadratic funding implementation as well!

Looking forward to stepping through the Stargate with everyone and building a stronger unified ecosystem!

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That is an awesome response Dan. Thank you!

Can you suggest ways here? Would you again mind speaking with Adriana and/or people you have comms with at AiB please? There are three channels on TG where $ATOM community is particularly strong.

Again thanks for the response and looking forward to the involvement of all in this!

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Yep. Shot a message to some AiB members. I will be seeing if we can set up a chat with Adriana as well.

Will see if I can chat with Gitcoin folks to see if we can expedite integration for ATOMs into their quadratic funding product!


This would be very cool.


Here are some initial comments from Chainflow -

To begin, thank you for the time, effort and attention you spent drafting this proposal. We feel, in general, that increasing visibility of the Cosmos network is a worthwhile endeavor.

That said, allocating funds to marketing campaigns is tricky. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on lots of activities. Yet it’s hard to attain real and measurable results from such activities.

At first glance, at least two of the activities, the influencer and meme campaigns don’t resonate well with me. I’m struggling to find the right words.

Suffice it to say that I feel these campaigns may not present Cosmos in the most respectable light. It’s a serious project, with lots of potential. My concern is these campaigns may cause some to put Cosmos in the “heavy on marketing, light on form and function” category. The last thing we want is for Cosmos to be viewed as a scam-coin project.

I’d also suggest that a campaign of this magnitude should be run by those with significant experience running similar campaigns. While I know and trust at least a few of the approvers, I’m not sure how much experience they have in this area.

Suggestions I’d offer to modify the approach -

1 - Start with a smaller proof of concept.

2 - State clear goals of the effort.

3 - Determine what success metrics look like.

4 - Consider incentivizing the broader community, including validators, to get more actively involved in marketing.

We’ll withhold our vote for a few more days, as we continue to watch how this proposal develops.


I want to thank everyone in this thread for expressing their feelings. This discussion only makes the Cosmos community stronger.

I would like to echo a few of the sentiments mentioned above.

Going forward it would be nice if:

  • Proposals targeted a longer discussion period. Giving everyone in the community ample time to comment. I understand that there was an extenuating circumstance this time.
  • Larger requests are broken down into several proposals. So, each action item can be voted on in its own merit.
  • Angle proposals to try and engage the broader community vs. core contributors.

Let us vote this proposal down in order to formulate a similar but better proposal.

Hope we get monthly updates on this. Thanks

Hi, what is the status? Any updates so far?

We’ve been figuring things out since this passed. We’ve made several payments to various partners to increase our marketing footprint.

Will try and get something more comprehensive in out soon.

A lot of wrangling cats.

keep us posted with this luna mission we all voted for :slight_smile:

Thread resurrection, but can anyone point me to where the report of how this turned out is?