[PROPOSAL #57][NO QUORUM] Lowering Pool Creation Fee

Although the Gravity DEX launch on Cosmos Hub is technically successful, there exists several necessary ingredient to achieve significant user-base growth.

It includes of course, “farming incentives” for liquidity providers, but also the high pool creation fee disturbs quick adoption of pools with new tokens. The pool creation fee was introduced to prevent possible spamming attack to create tons of meaningless pools which will cause performance burden on Cosmos Hub.

Currently the fee(PoolCreationFee) is 40 Atoms, which is almost $1,600 as now. It was suggested when the Atom price is under $10, but now we have more reasons to make it significantly lower so that we can promote quicker new token introduction to the Gravity DEX.

Therefore we suggest 5 Atoms for pool creation fee, which is equivalent to about $200. We think that it is still very conservative amount for spamming prevention. Also we can suggest to adjust the fee amount again when it is necessary.

Please share your ideas and opinions about the suggestion!