[PROPOSAL #65][ACCEPTED] Theta gaia v7.0.0 upgrade

Hello! Someone launched Prop65 to propose to upgrade to gaia v7.0.0 and I didn’t see a forum discussion referenced in the proposal.

Has the proposed software been tested?


Hey @Gavin !

Yes gaia v7.0.0 underwent manual testing and a public testnet to simulate the upgrade, you can see information from the blog post here and the proposal itself which makes reference to the testing.

There hasn’t been a forum proposal for an upgrade since Stargate which was at least one upgrade before I began working as Cosmos Hub lead and felt like i was just following norms. As such I haven’t included the Forum on a necessary step towards launch for upgrade proposals although am in support of using the forum more going forward. It’s late now for the forum to be a step before the proposal but happy to discuss anything else relevant here and appreciate you making the post to kick it off.


imo there should be a forum post for each proposal, ideally before it goes on-chain. A number of protocols actually have norms that proposals are voted down and asked to resubmit if they don’t open a proposal to public discussion prior. would be great to work through our own process now that the gov working group is rebooting + recent hypha proposal :slight_smile:


Mod note: Although this post was not the pre-chain discussion thread for prop 65, let’s make it an ongoing place for that conversation to take place. I’ve reformatted the title to reflect that.

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