[PROPOSAL #68][ACCEPTED] Make Cosmos Hub the Lead Sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022


If this proposal passes, 2600 ATOM will be allocated to the Cosmoverse team - making the ATOM community the lead sponsor of the Cosmoverse Conference 2022. Cosmoverse is an annual conference with the goal to unite Cosmonauts from all over the world. The Cosmos Hub was the first lead supporter for Cosmoverse 2021 and we would like to keep it that way for this one as well.


Cosmoverse 2022 is a community-organized conference that will take place in Medellín, Colombia on September 27 & 28, 2022.

Our goal is to unite the Cosmos community from all across the globe and get them into one room with leading Cosmos builders. Around the main conference days, we will organize side-events, workshops, and afterparties, which will extend Cosmoverse into a week-long experience.

Cosmoverse keeps a strong community spirit. There won’t be any VIP areas or exclusive sections. Attendees will have direct access to Cosmos thought leaders and core developers.

Cosmoverse is organized by Cosmonauts, for Cosmonauts.

Where do the funds go?

The sponsorship will help us finance the Cosmoverse conference.

The main costs include:

  • Conference venue
  • F&B (conference + afterparty)
  • Marketing leading up to the event
  • Audio and visuals
  • Official afterparty
  • Legal costs

How does it benefit the ATOM community?

By allocating 2600 ATOM from the community pool to the Cosmoverse team, the Cosmos Hub will become the lead sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022. This comes with several benefits at the conference and marketing initiatives as we gain momentum.

  • Keynote speech: If this proposal passes, we offer three keynote slots to core Cosmos contributors. We will keep you updated on this topic on the official Cosmoverse Twitter account and Website.
  • Logo placement: The ATOM logo will be shown as “lead sponsor” on the main conference days. We will make sure everyone at the conference knows that the ATOM community has significantly contributed to covering the conference’s costs and making this a great event.
  • General Admission Tickets: We will give 15 general admission tickets to the ATOM community. Distribution TBD.
  • Logo Placement on Attendees batch: The logo will be displayed on the attendees’ batches, which is a feature exclusive to the lead and co-lead sponsors.
  • Content distribution on the Cosmoverse Twitter account and Website

Event Highlights 2021 and What To Expect

Cosmoverse 2021 took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference brought the Cosmos community together and kick-started new developments in the interchain! The attendees were provided with food, beverages, and merchandise and were able to listen to keynotes/ panels that were held by Cosmos thought leaders. Cosmoverse is the most community-driven Cosmos conference in the world! It is organized by and for Cosmonauts.

This means low ticket prices and no VIP areas. If you attend the conference, you have direct access to all speakers and can ask them questions.

Cosmoverse 2022 will take place in Medellin, Colombia, and will have the same community vibe - but it will be much bigger!

There will be many Cosmos speakers at the event, two coffee breaks per day including an assortment of food, two 5-star buffet lunches, an NFT room, a co-working zone, meeting rooms for Cosmos teams, and much more. We will be able to provide twice as many tickets as the first conference.

Medellin is a vibrant city settled in between a beautiful valley in the heart of Colombia. With many activities besides the ones we will be hosting throughout the week. We will ensure that within the Cosmoverse week, attendees will have the possibility to visit side events and meet Cosmonauts from all over the world! For a small reference from the first Cosmosverse check out this TWEET.

The Team:

Cryptocito: Cryptocito is the most prominent Cosmos YouTuber in the interchain! Who is responsible for bringing all the cosmos together, through outreach, and planning of the event.

Basil Naser: Basil is part of the Cryptocito team. Last year he founded the Cosmoverse conference with Crypotcito. He is responsible for event operations and branding.

Fabian Klauder: Fabian is the Co-Founder of DEFI TIMES, a Cosmos-focused media company. He is responsible for the financing of the event.

Juri Maibaum: Juri the Co-Founder of DEFI TIMES and host of the company’s podcast and YouTube show called “This Week In Cosmos”. He is responsible for outreach and bringing cosmos projects to the conference.

For Updates

We have 5 months to plan this one (for Cosmoverse 1.0 we only had 5 weeks) - so you know it will be epic. We have a lot of high-level speakers we would like to bring to Cosmoverse 2022. To keep up with the updates please follow us on our Twitter @CosmoverseHQ.

You decide:

  • By voting “Yes” you believe that the ATOM community should become the lead sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022.
  • By voting “No” you think that the ATOM community should not become the lead sponsor of Cosmoverse 2022.

My only issue with this proposal is, I do not support funding for an after party. This strictly benefits community members who are able to travel to the conference. It does not provide any good for the community members who are unable to travel but at they’re expense.

The after party should be added as an extra to the ticket price but not included.


Thanks for your answer! Sorry, we didn’t make that clear. We will have separate sponsors for the afterparty. The funds from this proposal will mainly be used to pay for the venue, F&B, and Audio&Visuals.

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Thank you for clarifying.

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Sponsorship sounds mutually beneficial. Do you have a budget breakdown for the allocation of funds?

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We haven’t received the final quotes yet - but costs for the venue, F&B, and Audio & Visuals alone are already above 6 figures. We expect the costs to grow even more over the coming months as more ideas come to our minds. We are dedicated to making this the best Cosmos experience ever!

Proposal up already? Seems rushed and kind of irresponsible given you are asking for an arbitrary number of funds for an unspecified budget plan for an event with an unspecified number of attendees. How you are spending 50+ grand in dollars a day for food, venue, and audio-visuals, in Columbia, is important information that I believe the community deserves to know if you asking us to fund it.

Also, your proposal doesn’t even specify that this money will be allocated for food, venue, and audio-visual. Instead it seems to indicate that legal fees, the after party, and marketing costs are related to this proposal, even though you have on this forum stated otherwise. This seems dishonest.

A final note, your proposal reads like advertising.

You can do better.

Voting: “No.”

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Hey all!

We noticed that this proposal went on-chain with no IPFS pin. It’s good practice to take a pin of the forum discussion at the time of posting (or as close as possible) for posterity so people can see the conversation without risk of edits or losing access :slight_smile:


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Can you say more about the Hub’s representation in the conference?

Cosmos Prop 68# - Voted no.
Why should we sponsor Cosmoverse, we are too early for the fun part, there is a lot of work to be done.
2600 ATOM Can be used to hire more Devs and build interchain security faster.q

To benfit ATOM we need to develop more token utility and not to sponser after parties.
For Marketing you need bring new users to the ecosystem from outside, internal marketing and parties are useless right now.

#ATOM #CosmosEcosystem #COSMOVERSE #CosmosEVM #Evmos @Cryptocito

Hope you’re not holding you breath. Looks like he isn’t interested in engaging with the community here. A bit odd considering he’s part of organizing a soon-to-be community sponsored event that’s supposed to increase engagement. But then again, why would he bother? The community voted to give him money and pretty much all he had to say was “trust me, it’ll be awesome.”

This is a tough one. I see the benefit to growing the name recognition of cosmos and making cosmoverse an epic affair, but I also think in these early stages of growth we need to be careful about wasting money. I don’t know.