[PROPOSAL #717] [On-Chain] Make Cosmos Hub the Sponsor of Game of NFTs Phase 2 Hackathon

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Dear Cosmonauts

We are requesting 4,500 ATOM (~$50,000) for phase 2 of the Game of NFTs. In exchange for the ATOM, the Cosmos Hub will become a primary sponsor of the event, and be able to define its own challenge in the games.


Event Overview

The Game of NFTs is a two-phase interchain event aimed at thoroughly testing and experimenting with the underlying Interchain NFTs (ICS-721) technology. It takes a two-phase approach that includes incentivized testing (phase 1), and exploring innovative, chain-sponsored dApps/projects on top of it through a hackathon (phase 2). For more information about the Game of NFTs, you can also see the event site at https://interchainnfts.dev/gon/.

This is a joint effort by the Interchain Foundation, Cosmos Hub, IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno, OmniFlix, Uptick, and many other talented teams across the ecosystem, with each providing different degrees of operational support or financial sponsorship for the event.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of GoN Incentivized Testing has been live since March 1st, with Interchain NFT transfers taking place. Hundreds of participants have been testing across IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno, OmniFlix, and Uptick testnets and competing for rewards provided by the Cosmos Hub’s sponsorship of the event.

With each passing day, the participants move closer to unlocking NFT interoperability. They’ve used their ingenuity to build incredible tools, identify issues, and provide solutions that enhance the Interchain NFTs experience, many of which you can check out in the appendix below.

Phase 2

In addition to testing, we believe that empowering the ecosystem with more use cases and applications is extremely critical, and hope to open a path for the Cosmos Hub to expand the ATOM economic zone with an innovative NFT consumer chain. With the planned expansion of IBC to other ecosystems (Etheruem, Polkadot, Near and others), this NFT app-chain could become a vital cross-chain NFT platform.

With this in mind, we are planning the first interchain hackathon after Phase 1. In Phase 2, participants will compete in challenges defined by sponsor chains to showcase their best Interchain NFT ideas - winning rewards, getting GTM support, as well as connecting with teams and institutions both inside and outside Cosmos. Some of the participating institutions include Amazon Web Services, HashKey Capital, and IDG Capital.

For this reason, we’re bringing up this proposal to discuss setting up a Cosmos Hub challenge in GoN Phase 2 Hackathon, which we believe can further strengthen the Hub’s position as a technical pioneer and patron of the Interchain ecosystem.

Proposal Details

Funding Request

This proposal is requesting 4,500 ATOM (~$50,000), or ~.2% of the community pool to make the Cosmos Hub a primary sponsor of the Game of NFTs (GoN) Phase 2 Hackathon and cover the prizes for Interchain Challenge winners.

Benefits to the Hub

As a primary sponsor of the GoN Phase 2 Hackathon, the Cosmos Hub will be able to define a dedicated challenge, discover projects, select and reward winners.

For the Hub’s track, it would be exciting to see something built that combines Interchain NFTs with Interchain Security and maximizes the capability of IBC. Some rough ideas are as follows:

  • Build NFT consumer chains
  • Build NFT dApps on a consumer chain
  • Build Interchain NFT use cases across consumer chains

We are hopeful that the hundreds of participants, the creativity and talent of the community, and the lucrative rewards for winners will result in opportunities that help grow Phase 2 submissions into viable products that add value to the ATOM economic zone.

If governance approves this sponsorship, the Cosmos Hub core team will support the hackathon by assisting with the formation of the challenge, and providing a judge and developer support (in relation to using Replicated Security).

Reward Details

The prize pool of Cosmos Hub challenge will be:

  • 1st Place: 2,750 ATOM
  • 2nd Place: 1,250 ATOM
  • 3rd Place: 500 ATOM

If this proposal passes, there will be a Cosmos Hub judge team which will award prizes in accordance with criteria outlined in the challenge.

Additionally, before putting the proposal on-chain, a multisig committee will be assigned to distribute the tokens to the winners. Any surplus will be returned to the community pool.

The Multisig Committee is:

  • Haifeng Xi | Co-founder, Bianjie
  • Dayakar Reddy | Founder, OmniFlix Network
  • Jeffrey Hu | Tech Lead, HashKey Capital

Multisig Address: cosmos1zgzegs68vwedup5ujsp67azhfgkcl8838k0u8g

Interchain Hackathon

As a multi-chain hackathon, other than Cosmos Hub, there are many teams in and beyond the Interchain that sponsored and engaged in Game of NFTs:

  • IRISnet proposal to sponsor $50k: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation
  • Stargaze proposal discussion to sponsor $50k: https://gov.stargaze.zone/discussion/10324-make-stargaze-the-sponsor-of-game-of-nfts-phase-2-hackathon
  • OmniFlix commits to sponsor 100,000 FLIX with 50,000 FLIX for the winner and 25,000 FLIX each for 2nd and 3rd place winners and a follow up grant (as applicable) for when the tools/apps get deployed to work with the OmniFlix Hub mainnet.
  • Uptick Network commits to sponsor $50K in UPTICK or other equivalent tokens (The winners are automatically whitelisted in the Uptick application incubation program, qualify for receiving further supports on funds, awards and resources)
  • AWS commits to sponsor their favourite team/participants with different-level cloud resource credits based on a standard requirement (More details will be out when phase 2 starts)

Outside of prizes, we will be providing support to hackers to ensure that the event drives the most possible value to the Interchain. This support will come via technical learning, project brainstorming, business development assistance, and more such as:

  • Workshops and videos from NFT thought-leaders
  • Industry and business insights from mentors
  • Direct connection chance with venture capital firms to introduce projects/teams
  • Extra cloud resource credits from AWS and cloud providers


Exciting to see the tools made during GoN Phase 1 for a better Interchain NFTs experience. Explore some of incredible tools in GoN phase 1:

To help you better understand Interchain NFTs and the Game of NFTs, we’ve listed some useful links to explore below:

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0.2% of the community pool seems like a simple yes!

4500 Atoms to help entice an NFT-focused consumer chain is a no-brainer. Plus with IBC hooking up to other ecosystems in the nearish future (Polka, Near, Eth), theoretically, we could become a cross-ecosystem NFT hub!

We know the community would love to see an NFT appchain, launched as a Consumer Chain via Replicated Security on the Hub, that acts as THE NFT HUB for the entire interchain and beyond (yep, Interchain NFTs will work with Polkadot, NEAR and even Ethereum, [when they get IBC connected]

From the blog: Update on Game of NFTs — Testnets & Hackathon | by IRISnet | Mar, 2023 | Cosmos Blog


Hi everyone, this proposal is on-chain now Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation
Please feel to post here if you have any questions or comments!

We’ll be on ATOMzone soon to talk with the community about this: https://twitter.com/cosmoshub/status/1639198903772893184?s=19

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Hi Cosmonauts, the Game of NFTs hackathon phase has concluded with great success, thanks to the immense support from sponsors, partners and numerous teams. More than 60 projects showcased their innovative solutions, unlocking the true potential of Interchain NFTs across various use cases.

In the Cosmos Hub track, several outstanding teams participated. Gratitude goes to the Informal System team for their careful review process and diligent judging. After much consideration, the winners of the Cosmos Hub track were NFTokenier, CosmoSwap, and Lendlord: https://twitter.com/cosmos/status/1676165697175445508

The rewards for the winners have been distributed accordingly: Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation

Spanning five months of rigorous network security testing and an Interchain Hackathon, the Game of NFTs (GoN) event has reached its grand finale! Read more from the wrap-up blogpost or visit Game of NFTs. While the Game of NFTs event has reached its conclusion, the profound impact it has left behind will continue to shape the future. The quest towards an Interchain NFT future has just begun, and we are excited to witness the incredible possibilities that lie ahead. See you in the Interchain NFTs world!