[PROPOSAL 77][ACCEPTED] Fund incentives for the Interchain Security Incentivized testnet – Game of Chains – from the Community Pool

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This community pool spend proposal seeks approval to fund 20K ATOM worth of incentives for the incentivized Interchain Security testnet – Game of Chains – coming to the Cosmos Hub, expected in November 2022.


Interchain Security (ICS) is a Cosmos SDK capability that has captured the mindshare of the Cosmos Ecosystem for well over the last year. This has been reflected in the engineering efforts by various core entities including Interchain GmbH, Informal Systems as well as initial users Quicksilver and Neutron. ICS allows for a provider chain, such as the Cosmos Hub, to share security and have its validators produce blocks for a consumer chain.

ICS is a complex technology that needs to be rigorously tested. To ensure successful rollout, we are launching an incentivized public testnet where Cosmos Hub validators can participate and build confidence around this technology. Game of Chains will build on the Cosmos Hub’s legacy of running successful adversarial testnet programs in the past including Game of Zones and Game of Stakes.

We believe the community will see ICS as a valuable addition to Cosmos Hub for three core reasons. First, it allows for “hub minimalism.” By deploying features on a consumer chain instead of Cosmos Hub, we keep the hub lightweight and reduce the surface area for attacks and vulnerabilities. Second, Interchain Security lowers the barrier for ATOM aligned app chains to launch in the Cosmos ecosystem. Instead of arranging their own validator set, new app chains can utilize the Cosmos Hub’s existing validator for security. And lastly, Interchain Security accrues value to ATOM and enhances its utility. As new Interchain Secured zones launch, gas fees on these new chains flow back to ATOM stakers through the Hub’s validators.

Incentivized Testnet

For a successful launch, validators will need to prepare and train for expanding their node operations and governance efforts for every new Interchain Secured chain starting up. We are proposing an incentivized public testnet program that will serve the dual purposes of (1) testing Interchain Security in mainnet-like conditions and (2) providing Cosmos Hub validators the opportunity to build confidence around running the Interchain Security protocol.

In order to prevent delays and adequately prepare for launch, we believe it is critical for all Cosmos Hub validators to participate in this public testnet. For this reason, we’re seeking community approval for 20K ATOM (approximately USD 300k) withdrawn for the community pool to reward validators participating in the Cosmos Hub testnet.

  • From this prize pool, 50% (10K ATOM) will be reserved for Cosmos Hub validators who complete Interchain Security testnet milestones. These milestones will be published at the launch of the testnet.
  • The remaining 50% (10K ATOM) will be reserved for bonuses to validators who help identify bugs or performance issues or help develop new tools and monitoring solutions at the discretion of the jury
  • Funds will be managed by a 2/3 multisig committee
  • Any unused funds will be returned to the community pool

Multisig committee

  • Zaki Manian
  • Jelena Djuric
  • Udit Vira

Testnet Jury

  • Billy Rennekamp
  • Zaki Manian
  • Jelena Djuric
  • Jehan Tremback
  • Udit Vira





Forum post link


IPFS link


Governance votes

The following items summarize the voting options and what it means for this proposal:

YES - You approve this community spend proposal to fund the interchain security testnet incentives that will be managed by a multisig

NO - You disapprove of this community spend proposal in its current form (please indicate why in the Cosmos Forum).

NO WITH VETO - A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is deemed to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.

ABSTAIN - You wish to contribute to quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.


This prop is an easy yes:

  • single clear purpose
  • brings clear value to the hub
  • will very likely accomplish its goals
  • full alignment of signers & jury with proposal goals

Exciting times ahead, that’s a Yes from Silk Nodes. We would be delighted to take part in the testnet.

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Yes from us also. Happy to participate testnet also.

A yes from Citizen Cosmos, of course. We love development.

It’s a Yes from me because, I love this idea and it’ll contribute to our positive improvement and development capabilities.

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Good idea! Support from our side. Will vote Yes.

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Great idea ! nysa.network will participate

I agree with @jacobgadikian. It’s an easy yes vote.

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Yes ! It’s great proposal

Very easy yes. Love this.

Funny how validators are agreeing to getting paid :stuck_out_tongue:

Wen incentivized user net?

No, but seriously - agree with this prop, incentivizing here makes sense. And really looking forward to seeing what bugs and issues validators will help identify.

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Stakin supports this and will participate in the Game of Chains testnet

  • Tuesday 20 September - Final version of ICF Delegation Policy is released and the Application form for Cosmos Hub validators goes live

Will someone please point me to the ICF delegation application? I can’t seem to find it.

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Looking forward to it! BlockPower will always support it~

It’s a firm YES from our side.

Great effort! Blockscape supports this!

A Yes from us at 01node

What an important milestone for the ecosystem! Count Ztake.org validator in!

Strangelove is excited to compete!

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