[PROPOSAL #78][REJECTED] Letter from many Cosmos maximalists to the hub

Proposal 78 went on chain without prior discussion on the forum. Creating a post now so the community can discuss the contents if they choose to.

Ok, I found the full Letter. There are some very valid points in this letter. I also think there is a certain level of highly emotive rhetoric, but this does not negate most of the main criticisms. I think that the authors of the WP need to address, clarify, and respond to the gaps in the WP.

Notional has vetoed this proposal because it’s no different from proposal 69, which attempted to ascribe options to vote that simply do not exist in the code.

Specifically the abstain text on this proposal asks that voters admit their own illiteracy or laziness. Our team is neither illiterate nor lazy, but would have abstained if the abstain option indicated abstention. Since the abstain option was used instead to insult readers, we have vetoed.

I would like to encourage others to veto this proposal as well, not due to its content but instead due to the text on its abstain option.

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