[Proposal ####] - Composable to join ATOM Economic Zone and Adopt Interchain Security

Quick note to start off - we’ve removed the 450k ATOM request as its not necessary for this focus of this proposal.

In terms of AEZ, staking reward is not going to be the main driver of revenue behind the proposal. As Composable continues connecting to external ecosystems via IBC, each will offer a revenue split back to the hub for transations. Specifically, we see our upcoming connection to Ethereum as a major driver of transaction volume to and from the Cosmos ecosystem which will be split and diverted back to the AEZ in addition to typical validator rewards.

As we continue connecting IBC to additional ecosystems (other L1’s, rollups, etc.) this will allow the AEZ to benefit anywhere IBC is used outside of Cosmos.


My point here is that these numbers aren’t sufficient to validators and they seem unrealistic.

Validator revenue: At current prices, this is $733.33 per month to ~160 validators. At current prices, on average this would amount to $55 per year paid to validators (1,666,666.67 PICA per month * 12 months * $0.00044 per PICA / 160 validators in the active set). Let me know if my math is off.

Estimated metrics: Thank you for sharing the metrics you listed in the proposal, but I’m finding it difficult to understand how and where these numbers are derived. Do you have any realistic estimates of what to expect in transaction volume? $1M in average daily tx volume seems inconceivable right now. Transfer fees of $10 per xfer is not something realistic that the protocol will be able to charge on top of gas fees. I guess what I’m saying is that these numbers are made up.

I would strongly recommend Composable attempt to find product market fit first, then submit a proposal to be added to the AEZ.


On top of this, I am not blaming if the rumors about them being scammers are true or false, the original scam orchestrate is working with the team right now or not. Their market reputation is not good. Just check all over the internet. And onboarding them doesn’t make ATOM/AEZ look good.

Now, if they are honest people with a working product and everything, they need to start working on the marketing to present their true picture. After that, we should talk about onboarding.