[PROPOSAL ###][DRAFT]Allocate 1500 ATOM to ATOM-ATOM1KLFG Pool from CP

This proposal requests a matching of $10,000 USD equivalent in $ATOM to seed the ATOM side of the ATOM-ATOM1KLFG liquidity pool on Neutron from the Community Pool here:

ATOM1KLFG is a marketing token for ATOM, launched on Neutron in March 2024 and is aligned in the Atom Econominc Zone. ATOM1KLFG’s main “utility” is to promote ATOM through X and Telegram and be a fun and engaging meme which uses the well known rallying cry within the ATOM community of “Atom to 1K LFG!!”. The vision is such that both social growth and higher prices of the token and engagement will grow the reach of the X account and telegram socials, amplifying positive news of both ATOM and residually ATOM1KLFG.

Therefore, we see the main value-add to the Cosmos Hub for this liquidity request as enhancing a positive feedback loop for ATOM and social engagement machine that we feel is badly needed at this time for the Cosmos Hub What better marketing is there to both showcase the technology of the hub through a token that can be a consistent force for positive news and engagement? wen marketing?

Despite a challenging market for altcoins, the ATOM1KLFG Neutron token has seen initial success with an FDV of $75,000, 400+ traders across all pairs, and current liquidity of $25,000, seeded by the team. To date, the X account (x.com) has reached 430 followers and 108,000 impressions, and has produced a variety of content including informational, memes, and general good vibes. This has been accomplished with ATOM price depressed below $10 so we see potential for continued and significant long-term growth as ATOM price corrects back upward.

This token was founded by myself, X account (@blockchainparty), tg account (@blockchainparty1). I have been staking ATOM since before the Febuary 2021 IBC launch, have a 10+ year verified history on Crypto through my X account, and consider myself a Cosmos OG. To understand more about the token, you can visit the twitter article posted this week regarding the future, its tokenomics and the vision for the token. It includes a treasury update, burn, and roadmap here:

Look forward to your comment and feedback. Atom to 1K LFG!!!

x account: x.com
tg account: Telegram: Contact @ATOM1KLFG_chat

We do not support use of community funds for “meme” purposes. We will strongly oppose any attempt to reach out on-chain governance with such a proposition. You may try to propose for the forthcoming Hydro liquidity platform instead.



Same opinion, I’m not sure this kind of ask belongs here. Imagine if all memecoins were asking liquidity directly on this forum.

I think different chains or protocol are already specializing in this type of services Like Govmos said, we should soon have Hydro platfrom which will allow liquidity without going to regular governance process.

I wish you good luck as I do think memecoins have their role to play in terms of culture and building communities :slightly_smiling_face:

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We would vote no and agree with previous comments

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