[PROPOSAL ##](DRAFT] Fund for community development with the Cosmos Ecosystems Zealy program

Fund for community development with the Cosmos Ecosystems Zealy program

This is a proposal for funding and rewarding for participants Cosmos Ecosystem Zealy program - Zealy - Join the movement
In January 2023, the Cosmos Ecosystem team, with the Posthuman Validator support, launched the Cosmos Ecosystem program to develop the Ecosystem Community. As Cosmos Ecosystem Enthusiasts we want to make everything that we could do to attract people to the Cosmos Ecosystem and related projects!

Over the course of the year the program has been running, we and Cosmos Ecosystem community have achieved tremendous results:

  • сurrently, 3600 participants have joined the program, rank throughout the year in Zealy’s Top 100 projects (78 at this time)

  • the program offers participants easy and simple quests to study the Cosmos Ecosystem, onboarding and start quests, with the help of which the Cosmonaut receives his first tools for working with the Ecosystem, gets acquainted with and joins the communities (thanks to the program, more than 3000 thousand Keplr, Cosmostation and Leap Wallets installations)

  • the education and staking section, which introduces the Cosmonaut more deeply to working in Cosmos, review of documentation, quizes, DEX introduction, first ATOM stake quest for any validator (more than 200 new stakers)

  • the projects section allows participants to get acquainted with various projects in the Cosmos Ecosystem, complete easy quests from each project, thereby increasing awareness and finding new connections in the Ecosystem.

List of 35+ participating projects:

Mainnets and testnets
Sei Network
ODIN Protocol
Asset Mantle
Humans AI
Lum Network
Lava Network
Aura Network

Citizen Cosmos
Cosmic Validator

Tools, Wallets, Games and Projects
VPN Satoshi
Leap Wallet
Cosmos Chicken Coop
Cosmic Horizon
Sputnik Network
Ambassadors School
Pulsar Finance

You can find more statistic info here - GitHub - Validator-POSTHUMAN/Cosmos-Ecosystem-Zealy-ex.-Crew3-

We propose to allocate rewards from the community pool for Cosmos Ecosystem community, early participants of the program, for Top 250 participants 1500 ATOM (distribution in proportion to the earned quests and XP). Due to the good results for 2023, which expanded awareness and brought a new user base to the Ecosystem, we also propose further development of the program for 2024 with funding of 3000 ATOM for awards and incentives for the Cosmos Ecosystem team.

Responsible for the awards is the Cosmos Ecosystem team, a team that has been developing the Ecosystem since 2020 - https://twitter.com/CosmosEcosystem

A ‘YES’ outcome will immediately release 4500 ATOM to the specified wallet - .
‘NO’ You do not agree to fund community and Cosmos Ecosystems Zealy program.
A ‘NoWithVeto’ vote indicates a proposal either (1) is considered to be spam, i.e., irrelevant to Cosmos Hub and Cosmos Ecosystem, (2) disproportionately infringes on minority interests, or (3) violates or encourages violation of the rules of engagement as currently set out by Cosmos Hub governance. If the number of ‘NoWithVeto’ votes is greater than a third of total votes, the proposal is rejected and the deposits are burned.
‘ABSTAIN’ You wish to contribute to the quorum but you formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal.


Great initiative but I wonder why the hub should pay for it.

Reward should come from the project that was presented (promoted) / validators / wallets / etc…


Hello! Some projects that joined the program were able to reward participants, but not everyone had such an opportunity. However, the program also develops Cosmos itself, trains users to work in Cosmos:

  • the program offers participants easy and simple quests to study the Cosmos Ecosystem, onboarding and start quests, with the help of which the Cosmonaut receives his first tools for working with the Ecosystem, gets acquainted with and joins the communities (thanks to the program, more than 3000 thousand Keplr, Cosmostation and Leap Wallets installations)
  • the education and staking section, which introduces the Cosmonaut more deeply to working in Cosmos, review of documentation, quizes, DEX introduction, first ATOM stake quest for any validator (more than 200 new stakers)

I will vote a YES to support this proposal. Having worked with the Cosmos Ecosystem team for some of my projects, I’ve seen firsthand their dedication and efforts.
Their contributors like Ekaterina and Asa are approachable and have been instrumental in raising awareness about the Cosmos ecosystem.
The program’s success, with over 3600 participants, speaks volumes. Let’s keep this positive trend going into 2024


Of course it would be great, if other projects will support, but also, all this projects bring to Cosmos Hub a lot of value!
Moreover, several projects were giving some funds for prizes to participants!

We are strong as Cosmos Ecosystem, and Cosmos value directly depends of whole Cosmos Ecosystem

Also, if Cosmos Hub will support community development, then it will be good example for other projects from Cosmos Ecosystem to support community development

We think that Community is the same important as tech side, and this initiative is really successful for community development!


I’ve been in the Cosmos Ecosystem Zealy program for quite a while now. I’ve enjoyed it and learned a lot in the process. I like the idea of a fund for community development with Cosmos Ecosystem Zealy program.


Reasons to oppose this proposal.

  • There is significant concern that Zealy is known for having numerous bot accounts. These bots often spam community channels with generic phrases like ‘good project’, ‘very good project’, and ‘GM’ without genuinely engaging with the community or contributing meaningful dialogue. Just look at the cosmos ecosystem zealy discord server, where 95% of messages over the past few months is made up of “gm spam” with a few small conversations here and there with little to no relation to the ecosystem?

  • Further spam was sent to this forum, which you can view and read about here

  • Under Posthuman’s oversight, there was an incident where one of their community managers promoted a scam within their Discord server. This led to financial losses for many community members, casting a negative light on Cosmos Hub and its associated communities. Supporting a program with such a history could further damage the reputation of the Ecosystem. Source

  • Allocating a substantial sum of over $40,000 for this program might not be the most efficient use of resources, particularly given the concerns about engagement quality, bad moderation and user safety concerns. The funds would be better invested in other marketing efforts aimed at attracting users who have a genuine interest in the Ecosystem and who are likely to contribute more meaningfully.



  1. We offered you to openly manage and develop this Zealy together, but you refused. You wrote that you wanted to do it yourself, but apparently in 1.5 years you still haven’t found the time to do it.
    Regarding the discord server, a separate discord service was created where people can freely do what they like, without your supervision, even write GM, GN. And they can get acquainted with Ecosystem projects. Again, it was created in connection with your refusal to develop your discord server.
  2. There is no spam here - it was a quest, go to the forum and express own opinion (any opinion), then what is this forum for if you can’t express an opinion that you don’t like. By the way, you deleted a lot of messages that you didn’t like. Apparently decentralization really scares you.
  3. Here we also disagree with you, there were no quests from this project where had to complete any missions, there were no calls to purchase something, there was one quest for the mutual exchange of Zealy users. Unfortunately, some projects are closed, especially in such market, we are unable to influence this. And this person began to write rather at your request in order to discredit our work.
  4. Zealy Cosmos Ecosystem has been operating for a year now, the platform itself has protection against bots, after a year of operation it is impossible for there to be bots on the platform, the system will detect them, here you are also trying to discredit our work.
    About allocation. We don’t measure Atom in $, Atom is a value in itself, if you understand what we’re talking about. Almost all allocations of funds are for the community who have been working for the benefit of the Ecosystem all year. You already turn away from your community all the time, and here we go again. It’s a pity. Someone demands millions (look at one of the latest proposals) for something unclear, but here there is a result and you refuse to admit it, by the way, it’s your job to do this. We just want the community that supports and develops the Ecosystem to receive a little(because there are a lot of participants) for their work for the New Year holidays.
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  1. All of my concerns were ignored, I said the following
  • “I understand you’ve done a lot for the ecosystem, and I’m not dismissing that fact. I just think if we are to collaborate as a community on crew3, we need to slow down a bit, and discuss it.”

  • to which the response was:

    • “If you want to help us to do better - great! Join us and let’s help to the community to learn more about Cosmos Ecosystem!
      If you don’t want to do something, and just want to speak about something - sorry, but we are really busy in doing something. We prefer to develop and contribute, not to speak about it.”
    • Antropocosmist Decided that careful planning, and execution was irrelevant, and decided the only approach was to go full steam ahead while ignoring all of my concerns.
  • After this forum was flooded with spam, spam started flooding the Cosmos Network discord server, I asked you to remove the link, and you did. Thank you for taking the bots away from us.

  • Ultimately after witnessing how much spam crew3/zealy created, and after seeing osmosis abandon it, I decided it wasn’t worth pursuing anymore.

  1. No spam, no bots? Explain this
  • Also, I personally did not delete any messages. I cannot speak for anyone else. But If any messages were deleted, it would likely have been because they were abusive/broke forum rules.
  1. Multiple users reported this, and asked me if it was a scam. This quest was active on your Zealy for a week, one of your moderators posted it as an announcement in your discord (which you have since deleted) users were scammed, and since you decided to operate this zealy under posthumans validator, it falls under your teams responsibility. Sadly there was zero regard for user safety, no careful planning, and due to poor moderation, users were scammed.

  2. Multiple platforms e.g. twitter claim to have great protections against bots… but we all know that no matter how many prevention methods developers put in place, people will always find ways around it. You cannot claim that it is “impossible”. I am not trying to discredit you, this is just problem that anyone can recognise after spending 5 minutes looking through the zealy site, or looking at the sources i linked above.

  • Each proposal is their own, trying to weigh a $40k proposal against a $1million+ is an odd argument to make. Regardless of the amount, you’re still asking for the community to trust you, and have faith in your work. I’m simply stating what I have witnessed, and giving opinions that oppose this proposal, as is my right, and anyone else’s right to do so. If I see issues with something, I will always speak up. Me turning away from a bot farm is not turning away from the community. Like many people in this ecosystem, I work hard everyday to help users, and make their onboarding into this ecosystem as safe and as seamless as possible.

Of course, thanks for your opinion. A lot of work has really been done, as you rightly noted. We don’t want to quarrel with anyone, just as I wrote to you before, we wanted to do this together with you. Validator Posthuman supported and helped us, but Cosmos Ecosystem != Posthuman, then more validators and projects joined the program. Of course, among the participants there are those who are trying to create multi-accounts, and this is visible, and after a year of work, all this has been eliminated and these people are not included in the top of the platform.
Zealy is an excellent tool for working with the community, it is a very good platform, you just need to know how to work with it. Among the disorganized chaos, the platform allows you to find people who are really interested and joined the Cosmos Ecosystem projects and Cosmos. And we are very happy and proud of this!
Regarding allocation, I mean that we propose to distribute to those people who really worked for the whole year for results, the community (real people, not bots), to those who accomplished a lot of useful things. Compared to other proposals, we first did, showed the result, and then we discuss and propose reward options, and not vice versa.

Thank you for your opinion, we pay attention to various criticisms, take them into account and we will work even better and harder!

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I support this initiative but would advise reducing the requested amount.

The effort put into the campaigns launched is admirable, I was introduced to quite a few projects thanks to their campaigns which is something I’m very grateful for. They’re doing a great job pushing the whole ecosystem, so I do believe the Hub should support it.


No. The hub should stay far away from this kind of useless initiative.

Cant say anything about Zealy itself or its benefits. I can vouch for Antropocosmist. I have known the dude for many years and i know that they build for values. In fact if most teams were as focused as these guys, we would be in a great place. Thats all I can say. Dont have anything to add about CP or Zealy.


Thank you, friends, for good words! I also really appreciate all you do for the development of Cosmos Ecosystem!

We just trying to spread more information about Cosmos ecosystem, and add some gamefication into community development!

We think that this is very important to develop not only code, but also community!

We already spend big part of our income for the community development, we did it without any support from community pool, and we will do it, even if we will not get any support from community pool, just with funding from community pool we will do it more effective!

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