[Proposal] Funding Mintscan

Thank you for the proposal.

Agree with most comments here. We passed the proposals for Ping Pub, which made a good case to fund Mintscan as well. But I think the difference is Ping Pub is an independent explorer made for public goods, while Mintscan already has a good & profitable business model.

If somehow this proposal goes to the voting period and passes. I would want to see all Cosmos chains included there, which is not the case as of now (because of business reasons).


I agree with most of what’s already been said. I like Mintscan very much and am exceedingly grateful for it. I use it regularly, and there’s certainly a world where I think it could be a public good, but it is functionally and economically not. The existing, already well-capitalized business model prevents comprehensive interchain reach, limiting its utility. The validator communities, the foundations and, by proxy, the end users of these 58 chains are all taxed in various ways without their consent today. The net result is an excellent engineering product with systemically constrained reach and high risk of product-market misalignment given the closed source. The final point is to a certain extent playing out as we speak with 2.0 – large swathes of functionality we all liked disappeared to make way for newer features (some of which I also really like) and I suspect robust, open iteration would have yielded better results.

Now, IMHO requesting millions of dollars directly from the community pool, at the bottom of the bear, under the guise of it being a “public good,” after you’ve already been compensated, without complete (financial, product, software) transparency seems like a misstep unless your revenue model is going to radically pivot simultaneously, and if that’s the case it should be explicitly spelled out here. What will you build in the next decade with this money, exactly? How do we weigh in and/or help along the way? How healthy is your business? How will other chains contribute, given that product value hinges on interchain network effects?

I think there were many good questions asked. Its not very convincing that Minscan doesnt answer them in a timely manner.

Yes, and now it feels like it was a temperature check proposal, they will let it cool down and come up with an improvised version.