Cosmos-wide funding of Interchain Info through current Spark IBC campaign

This is NOT to discuss this prop as it specifically related to the Cosmos Hub & it’s community pool, that will be a separate post. For now we want to focus on and get feedback for the general gameplan & ecosystem wide ask.

You may find the draft with original formatting on @TendermintTimmy’s twitter or on GDocs, found here: Community Pool Request Prop - Google Docs

Below is a rough template for a prop to be placed on each chain listed. At that point, [chain name] and [requested amount] will be replaced with relevant details for each chain.

These are all individual props, to be taken as is on a 1:1 basis with 50% of the ask from each chain being reserved to incentivize content specific to that chain and the projects/communities building on it, with the remaining 50% allocated to general ICI development and upkeep.


Built by Spark IBC, Interchain Info (ICI) is a truly multi-chain & chain-agnostic hub for information and tooling to make navigating the rapidly growing Interchain easier for both new and old users alike. At Spark IBC, we believe that, currently, “Cosmos” and the greater Interchain are extremely fragmented, as communities, educational resources, NFT collections, Dapps and tools each reside in their own remote corners of the ecosystem.

ICI aims to change this by taking the first step toward building the unified, multi-chain future that the community has been waiting for, and that we believe is paramount to Cosmos gaining mass adoption in the next market cycle. We are currently running an ICI funding campaign on the Spark IBC platform, where you can read more details about ICI itself.


We are avoiding VCs and private investors in this endeavor, because ICI is only a valuable resource if it remains unbiased and beholden to no one but the community that uses it. Therefore, all ICI costs so far have come out of our own pockets, and going forwards, we’re raising funds entirely through grants and donations from users and community pools.


We request 1% of community pool funds (capped at $20,000) from a number of chains, including [chain name], to contribute to The ICI Campaign on Spark IBC.

  • 50% of issued funds will be donated directly to ICI for general development, hosting and maintenance.
  • The remaining 50% will be used as incentives for community members to create and submit content specific to [chain name] on our platform.
  • For [chain name], this amounts to [requested amount].

Each network that approves funding will be rewarded with Spark Points based on their full donation amount and a customized entry on our leaderboard labeled “[chain name] Community.” Spark Points are used within the Spark IBC system to recognize users for their contributions to the Interchain.

One Spark Point is representative of one dollar (or USDC, or, in this case, token equivalent) donated, and is tracked through the soulbound $SPARK token on Juno Network. For these donations, Spark IBC will set up a wallet on Juno, label it accordingly on our leaderboard, and mint $SPARK equivalent to the USD value of the donated amount into it, measured by the price at the time of distribution. Slippage and fees for conversion will not be taken into account, as that’s beyond the communities control.

One significant benefit of multi-chain projects is the unique ability to distribute our funding requests across different sources to minimize sell pressure and the burden on any single community pool/token. This sort of effort is something that Spark IBC plans to pioneer and offer as a potential service to any who use the Spark IBC platform for fundraising in future.

Similar funding requests will also be submitted to the following Cosmos chains:

  • Agoric
  • Akash
  • Band
  • Carbon
  • Cheqd
  • Chihuahua
  • Comdex
  • Cosmos Hub
  • Evmos
  • Fetch AI
  • Injective
  • Juno
  • Kava
  • Kujira
  • Osmosis
  • Persistence
  • Secret
  • Sommelier
  • Stargaze
  • Teritori
  • LUNC
  • Terra

Note: While just shy of 250k may sound like an exorbitant ask, please keep in mind that would only be in the case of every single proposal passing, which fairly unlikely. This is why we’re casting a wide net.

Spending Details

As stated, 50% of the requested [requested amount] will be used exclusively to incentivize content specific to [chain name] and its ecosystem on the Index and Resource hub. This allows community members and content creators the ability to earn a little income while contributing something beneficial to the entire interchain. It also ensures that a portion of the allotted funding amount returns to the community in a very direct way.

Note: the Spark & ICI Team reserve the right to deny payment, both pre/post-production, to anyone on the basis of content quality or attempts to manipulate this proposed system (i.e. needlessly long articles, videos etc.); this is not a “trustless” incentive program. At this time, we will only accept English submissions meeting basic literary standards; however, we may expand this program to include other languages in the future and/or add a translation tier to the list of incentives below (we are open to feedback on these details):

*$0.05/word (written content) and $5.00/min. (video content) are below industry standards, but the crux of this project is to further incentivize creators who are already producing original content, while refining and updating existing material that needs to constantly be updated. In its entirety, this project will both promote new material and provide house-keeping for fresh, up-to-date information in order to attract new ecosystem investors and users.

Misc. Details

When do we intend to submit these proposals?

  • After a few days of discussion in its current, generalized form, we will put chain specific props on the relevant forums for each of the chains listed above. Again, after a few days of discussion we will then move to put the proposals on chain. At that point, the amount of props live at any one time will only be limited by ability to meet the deposit requirements for each chain. If you are interested in or able to help with this, please get in touch with us.

How will payment be requested/distributed?

  • Will will be asking for the requested amount, up to 20k, as a single lump sum, which we will then handle splitting 50/50.

Will the incentives program be transparent?

  • Of course! We will keep records of payouts and the work done to receive them for the community to review. This also serves to provide a metric for results, and should help communities gauge whether a continuation of this program later down the road would be something of interest to them or not.

How long do you intend the incentive programs to last?

  • Due to the drastically different ask amounts amongst various chains, as well as the amount of content relevant to them, some chains’ incentives may dry up much quicker than others. We believe that with the program we’ve outlined above, regardless of the duration, the general amount of work achieved per dollar spent should be similar.

What happens if a chain does not pass the proposal, are they to be treated any differently?

  • Absolutely not. All chains and projects in the Cosmos are equal in our eyes, and no community will be penalized for failing to support our effort, except by missing out on the incentives program and, of course, contributing to something crucially important for the entire Interchain.

Original found here: http s:// (remove space between “p” and “s”. These forums don’t allow links.)

REMINDER: This is NOT to discuss this prop as it specifically related to the Cosmos Hub & it’s community pool, that will be a separate post. For now we want to focus on and get feedback for the general, ecosystem wide ask.


This could be $440,000 of funding. I think this is way too high considering advertizes that only 494 usdc have been raised. Also, I don’t really see the point in the application since you’re saying it isn’t trustless but alxandriacosmos has a similar product that is free already and trustless.


I believe that supporting a truly chain agnostic effort to provide a informative tool for existing and more importantly new users would be extremely smart for us to do. As we all know, access to truly entering the Cosmos ecosystem can be confusing for most. Navigating it and staying up to date with everything happing within our ecosystem is even more frustrating for the majority of people here. We have no place or one point of contact to pull information from for the Cosmos ecosystem. Interchain Info would be that place…
I believe that the easier we can inform and educate people the easier time we will have on boarding new users and developers.
$20k or less per chain is nothing in comparison to the value that this would bring to the greater ecosystem.
I encourage all chains to dig further into what Interchain Info is building and striving to accomplish. Unfortunately links and images are not allowed here to better illustrate things

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First off, I appreciate you weighing in! Thank you.

As you’ll see in the pictures we aren’t able to add (nor links which is frustrating) the total comes out to a little under 250k, and we really don’t expect it to pass on every chain.
As for the lack of funding from small donors on Spark IBC, it is both expected, and exactly why we’re pursuing this route as well grants in additon to them. Spark IBC, aside from ICI, wants to help facilitate funding & provide support for chain agnostic efforts of all kinds. One of the things we want to offer to those looking to use our platform is this sort of multi-chain fund sourcing thing. Spark is different from launchpads and similar platforms, in that it really is just donation based, anything extra is on a per-case basis. Bc of this, the majority of efforts that come through spark will probably funded mainly through grants, community pools, and similar, as it’s not realistic to expect a projects full funding to come from strangers generosity.

Also, when noted that it isnt a trustless system, I meant the incentives program, which by any and all account shouldnt be as it could easily be gamed and abused.

The platform itself however, is also not trustless, no. And we firmly believe this is the right call. Not everything benefits from decentralization and trustlessness, in fact, some things suffer because of it. In regards to Alxandria, we think that what they’re doing it super cool, and at first glance probably seems to be a competitor. In reality, I think the end result is quiet different. While a fully open wiki is cool, it lacks guidance, structure, and oversight. What’s to stop people from putting in spam and malicious content/links? I’m sure they will figure this out, but we’re going for more of a polished, buttoned up, and canonical feel, as that exact feeling is something the entire interchain drastically needs.

Also, nothing is free. Alxandria got funding from somewhere. We’re trying to get it from the community for the reason previously stated. Both are “free” to use by the end user.


I strongly support this prop. I think it’s a highly reasonable ask that shouldn’t materially impact any token prices. This is a much needed resource, and this method of funding and executing is aligned with Cosmos’ decentralized interchain ethos.


@TendermintTimmy - the forum does support links and images for established users - we’ve just had to set the trust level fairly high otherwise we are inundated with spammers.

I’ve set your trust level to allow you to do links and images so feel free to edit your top level post.

The site banner reminds people to tag me if they need link permissions. @Crypto_Tank - I’ve adjusted your account’s trust level as well so you should be able to do links and images too.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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It sounds like a cool development. It also seems to try to limit the impact on the cooperating chains.

I am a bit lost though on why these chains. Can you elaborate a bit more on that?
I see some projects in the list from which I fail to see the progress (can also be a shortcoming of my own) and other projects who do release stuff but are not involved in this overview.

Thank you so much Lexa, i was wondering if it might be something like that. I’m sure i speak for tank as well as myself when i say it’s much appreciated!

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Could you be more specific on the chains your curious/skeptical about? Would be happy to speak to them.

In general though, these are the chains that either (and in most cases, both,) have a community pool substantial enough to support a 1% contribution (with the exception being Injective,) and that we believe will benefit from Interchain Info themselves.

Additionally, we feel many of these community pools are relatively or completely untouched, and that our offering is a perfect use case for them as it’s truly chain-agnostic and beneficial to the entire interchain.

Projects from which I miss updates (but as said, can also be due to a lack of a proper platform to follow projects in which someone is less involved):

  • Agoric
  • Band
  • Carbon
  • Cheqd
  • Fetch AI
  • Injective
  • Kava
  • Kujira
  • Persistence
  • Secret
  • Sommelier
  • LUNC
  • Terra

Projects like Stride, OmniFlix and BitCanna which have a community pool and are releasing tools are not included.

So I was kinda curious why this specific selection :slight_smile:

All the chain listed, with the arguable exception of LUNC are 100% doing stuff. Even Band which im pretty hard on usually.

As for why stride and omniflix arent included. I didn’t know omniflix had a community pool seeing as the FLIX token isnt even live? Does it have other assets in it?
Stride, if pingpub is correct, has a measly community pool of only about 4k STRD total, and similar with BCNA, their total pool value is about 8k USD.

Ok, so this means that there is not only a max cap, but also a minimum threshold?

The proposal is only a certain % of the community pool, not that a project also has to have a sort of minimum level to contribute.
Which brings me to the point where I think you can make a real difference if you would not only include projects which are “rich”.

Well the idea isn’t that non-rich projects arent included in what were building, far from it. It’s just that the effort that would go into getting a prop through for 80$ worth of funding total, just isnt viable. If you have something specific in mind though, we would love to hear it :slight_smile:

We really do want to be as inclusive and chain agnostic in everything we do as possible!

The question is; do you want to go for an opt-in method?

Where for example a chain itself can take care of arranging the proposal and the community pool spend to an address indicated? That would remove the workload for arranging that from you guys :slight_smile:

And that way you might make a real difference for the complete ecosystem where “rich” and “poor” chains are both having access to the same tooling.


We gave feedback on your call on twitter ( but in general:

Seems like a reasonable amount to ask for a cool idea to get content about the cosmos tech stack in a better place.
Id say funding per item instead of funding per minute or word is a better approach and i would like to see that switch
I am quite sure funding videos only if uploaded to your channel first will be a dealbreaker, please consider changing that. Be the platform that aggregates instead of the issuer. Allowing people to build their own content brand will lead them and therefore the content hub to succeed long term.

Goodluck with this proposal

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Left our reply on twitter :slight_smile: