[PROPOSAL] Set Max Inflation at 10%

The whole point of $ATOM is that it is owned and operated by stakers.
Without 2/3 staked there is NO IBC SECURITY in the face of HOSTILE TAKEOVERS.
If $ATOM IBC isn’t secure, it has NO UTILITY OR PURPOSE.

(actually scratch that, the only purpose is for rugging)

The inflation is a punishment for not doing your job as an ATOM holder.
You should be staking. If you aren’t staking, you don’t deserve to hold $ATOMs.

Everyone who doesn’t grok this should just sell their atoms and leave,
or stop complaining when the hub does fork to leave the herd behind.

Nobody should be participating in a IBC hub that can’t understand systemic risk.
Cosmos and Tendermint were created as a secure alternative to the
status quo global elitist psychopathic banking dynastic criminal syndicates.
What’s the point if we just make the same bullshit as the last generation?

Either build upon first principles and do not budge in the face of profits,
or don’t try to build financial infrastructure that sells security.
If you don’t take seriously and sell security,
you will have blood on your hands.

It’s fine to remove the minimum bound of the inflation rate.
With ICS and the earning of tx fees,
the inflation rate will naturally decrease and even go negative.