Quadrate - EVM + CosmWasm native consumer chain with native algorithmic stablecoins

Introducing Quadrate — The fastest and most secure EVM + CosmWasm consumer chain.

Quadrate is the fastest and most secure layer-one consumer chain that supports CosmWasm & EVM compatible smart contracts and protocols. Quadrate powers decentralized, algorithmic fiat-pegged stablecoins for price-stable global payments system and massive crypto adoption.

Quadrate Stablecoins represent a family of decentralized and algorithmic stablecoins within the Quadrate blockchain backed by $ATOM. These stablecoins are designed to maintain stability and are pegged to fiat currencies. The primary stablecoin in this ecosystem is QuadrateUSD (USQ), which serves the Quadrate community by providing value and addressing the scalability issues that other leading stablecoins like Dai encounter. By offering enhanced scalability, precise interest rate calculations, and seamless interchain functionality, Quadrate Stablecoins aim to provide users with an elevated experience in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Deeper into Quadrate stablecoins: medium[.]com/@Quadrate/what-are-quadrate-stablecoins-ec61b6499886

Deeper into Quadrate:


Hi there, I’m L’Tai, contributor to Quadrate, I will be grateful if we discuss the future of ATOM-backed algorithmic stablecoins and our new сonsumer chain =]
By the way, our algorithmic stablecoins are different from already existing in Cosmos. Our stablecoins are designed non-over-collateralized and offer high yield.

Also, we will be grateful for your input and if you join our community:
Twitter: @QuadrateOrg Twitter: @QuadrateOrg
Github: @QuadrateOrg

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I’m no cause the scope is so wide sorry.

If it was a native stable without the vms I’d be very interested.

I already explained this to you in telegram.
By enabling EVM and CosmWasm we allow developers from the Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems to integrate their dApps to our consumer chain, thereby increasing stablecoin utility. What is the use of a stablecoin if there is no usecase for it? The reason why Terra USD was used was the ecosystem where it was possible to use a stablecoin. Moreover, Cosmos Hub needs an EVM consumer chain, but our stablecoin infrastructure is based on CosmWasm.

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Yep, are you familiar with the unix philosophy?

Cosmos let’s you do that with blockchains

Yep. I want to note that at a fundamental level, we are focusing on stablecoins, and two virtual machines are just features.