Quering account returns "account does not exist"

I’m running this command with the gaiacli:

    gaiacli q account cosmos{redacted}

the response is the error below:

ERROR: {"codespace":"sdk","code":9,"message":"account cosmos{redacted} does not exist"}

Ive done extensive research on this and found that I need at least 1000000uatom in the account. This account has exactly 1.0000 ATOM, and 0.0000 uatom. I have confirmed this by using https://cosmos.bigdipper.live/

I read that 1000000 uatom = 1 ATOM, and am very confused as to 1) why the uatom is still 0.0000, even with 1.0000 ATOM? and 2) how come even with 1.0000 ATOM in the account, I still am not able to connect to it via the cli?

Was your node synced to the latest block height upon query?

Thank you for your response.

That’s a great question. Here is a snippet of the gaiacli status:


I’m also not sure how to sync it up. Do I just allow it to run for a while, or do I run a command?

The current block height is over 2.8M. It will take time to sync if you sync from genesis.

Chainlayer provides periodic snapshot which helps you sync faster.

Thank you very much for you help. That makes sense, and I will continue to let it run and look into Chainlayer