🐹 Quokka Stake - Validator Profile

Who are we?

We are Quokka Stake, a small validator on multiple chains.
We operate since around January 2022, when we launched our first validator on Sentinel chain, and now we are active on 7 chains, including Cosmos Hub!
We are putting a lot of efforts into making sure our validators are running smooth and stable, so be sure that your tokens are safe with us.

Which chains do we validate?

How do we contribute?
We are active in community chats, mostly on Russian telegram chats, providing other fellow members with support and answering their questions.
But mostly we are good at writing tools for the ecosystem. Here are some:

  • cosmos-transactions-bot - a Telegram bot to get you notified on any transactions you need on numerous chains
  • cosmos-validators-exporter - a Prometheus exporter to get an overview on your validators on multiple Cosmos chains
  • cosmos-proposals-checker - a bot to notify you if your wallets hadn’t voted on a proposal on multiple Cosmos chains
  • cosmos-wallets-exporter - a Prometheus exporter to get your wallet balances, extra useful to monitor if your Restake wallets have enough balance to pay for transaction fees
  • ansible - a set of Ansible playbooks to easily bootstrap a node on any Cosmos chain and many more
  • cosmos-node-exporter - a Prometheus exporter useful for node owners/validators that displays data on upcoming upgrades, voting power, sync status and many more.

We also provide public RPC nodes, bots to monitor validators’ statuses and have way more things to add to that list on the future.

Why are we secure?
We put a lot of effort into building a proper monitoring/alerting system, including some of the tools we wrote for ourselves and for the ecosystem (see above).
If anything goes wrong with our validators, we will be the first to know that.
Next, we are using the top security solutions, such as HSM, SSH hardened access, Ledgers and firewalls.
Lastly, in case somehow we are jailed, we are offering a slash protection for our delegators.

How can we contact you?

Cheers, and feel free to support us by staking with us!