./simd keys list shows no keys after successful add

I’m a complete noob here. I installed the cosmos sdk and then tried to follow the tutorial using the .simapp sample app. I got to the point in the tutorial where I started up the single-node blockchain. That seemed to work fine. I created another console window and attempted the next step in the tutorial which is to query the bank balance for the b9lab account. When I did, I got the error message that b9lab is not a valid name or address: decoding bech32 failed: invalid bech32 string length 5. I did a ./simd key list and see that there are no keys. I then went back to the window where the single node blockchain was running and aborted (^C) and tried the same command there, and I got the same error.

So what gives? Everything was going perfectly well until I created a new console window. Now, nothing seems to work any more. I see that the genesis.json does show all the state that it should – I simply don’t have any keys accessible now.

By the way, I see that I’m supposed to use the Discord – but no one seems to be using it – or I can’t find any channels to use.

The issue with Discord is that the verify daemon was not responded. It finally did and I can now see channels there and have posted my question there (too).

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