AppHash Error On State Sync

So I when try to connect to a test net node of my chain I am rejected after verifying the headers.

2:51PM ERR appHash verification failed actual="���\x18�y^�\x05�s�tӕ٧)�\n��[���.?���\u007f" expected="�KW3�>K��Rh-_^��\x12��aB\v�(G*\u007f\x0e�\x00��" module=statesync

This is the error I get, tough I also as mentioned receive:

98001 module=light
2:51PM INF Header has already been verified hash=763537A586C23B0D202148C3A07FC35040BB0006CA8DB5478557CCFFD397F275 height=3098000 module=light
2:51PM INF Applied snapshot chunk to ABCI app chunk=0 format=2 height=3098000 module=statesync total=1

[Mod note] I deleted a response from a scammer masquerading as ‘Cosmos Support’. Do not follow links to ‘Cosmos Support’ or any site that asks for your seed phrase or private information.

Your best bet for technical support is via the Cosmos Community Discord (linked in the banner).

Moderators and staff will never DM you first.
Moderators and staff will never ask for your seed phrase.
Moderators and staff will never invite you to any airdrop.
Beware of scammers masquerading as ‘Cosmos Support’!

Your upper message seems to suggest that the trust_hash provided does not match the trust_height.

The bottom message is completely normal. You can send me a DM on Discord, Twitter or Telegram if needed, then I can help you further.

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