Starport type is too verbose

I tried running through a tutorial of using starport and saw “starport type” created 12 new files and modified another 9 files. That was too many files just to create ONE data model.

Normal app often have a few dozens to a hundred data models. Imagine how many files does it create? Go is supposed to be a succinct language but this is even worse than Java.

Does anyone actually use “starport type” to generate all the models in your app? Is there any better way to make it less verbose?

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starport type scaffolds not only a type, but a whole set of CRUD operations with messages, proto files, handlers, CLI commands etc. This may seem like a lot of files (and it is), but type is very useful for providing a better understanding of the whole lifecycle of a transaction. We also have a message command that scaffolds a single message and in the next version of Starport we’ll also have a query command for more fine-grained scaffold.

The overall point, however, is very much valid: Cosmos SDK is indeed a bit too verbose and requires a lot of boilerplate code.

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