Starport with gogoproto.embed


I have an issue with starport.

After adding message(scaffold message), I tried to update proto files.
// this line is used by starport scaffolding # proto/tx/message
message MsgAbc {
string creator = 1;
ABC abc = 2 [(gogoproto.embed) = true];

Then I got the error when I run --reset-once

error while running command /var/folders/6p/p9h15mh52j17fpk4y5qjh1_h0000gn/T/protoc1834043129: ERROR: duplicate embedded fieldname ABC in type MsgAbc 2–gocosmos_out: protoc-gen-gocosmos: Plugin failed with status code 1. 3: exit status 1 4

something like that.

Please leave comments if you have a good idea for this.