Taking More Credit for How Great Cosmos Is!

I believe Cosmos has AMAZING technology that it is NOT taking credit for nearly as much as it could.

  • Start getting the word out about energy efficiency. Algorand, Cardano and Stellar are lapping Cosmos. There is only a passing mention of energy efficiency in the old Cosmos white paper. A blog post could help get lots of discussion going. Having the foundation hire a consultant to do a study and comparison on energy efficiency would really help - list the efficiency of ALGO, ADA, DOT, BTC etc. in comparison to ATOM.
  • Get more professionals in Communications onboard. The website is a huge improvement, but it could be decluttered and there is so much more to do that a few professionals could be all over. This is not about hyping the coin price, but rather getting info out and educating!
  • Peng Zhong is a fantastic spokesperson and could be out there a lot more!

Just my humble opinion. Full disclosure, I have invested in ATOM because I believe it’s a coin that has it all for the future and is hugely under appreciated.