The pledge unlocking period should be divided into short-term 3 and long-term 21

I have simple ideas that can get more people involved

I think staking should be set to : short-term 3 days and long-term 21 days

The maximum long-term pledge interest rate is 10%
(The current maximum pledge interest rate is 10%)

The short-term pledge interest rate is half of the maximum pledge interest rate, which is 5%

Why consider a short term of 3 days? Because many people are afraid that the unlocking period is too long. This allows people who don’t want long-term risks to participate.

The short-term pledge interest rate is half of the maximum 4%-5% is appropriate. If it is too high, it will reduce the willingness to long-term pledge. If it is too low, you will not want to participate.

The 5% lost by short-term pledgers can be distributed to long-term pledgers to reward long-term pledgers.


This is entirely solved by the liquid staking module. You can essentially unbond your Atom instantly now.

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Taking keplr as an example, you still have to wait 21 days to release the pledge.

What are the methods of other modules?

Will using other mods increase the risk of account interaction?

as mentioned by @tknox35 this lockup problem is solved by the introduction of the LSM and the depth of market available with the biggest liquid staking providers. They allow any regular user to exit without the 21days bonding period. This requires a certain amount of swap fees and a discounted market rate to compensate liquidity providers and arbitragers. Regarding the wallet support, this is probably a matter of time before they consider including such functionality directly in their user interface. As far as I know there are already protocols doing it in a single transaction (using Interchain Accounts features I guess).

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