TOKENOMIC ATOM (time trial)l

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The Tokenomics are something that is not difficult to raise, I think that we have more than 1000 developers in Cosmos that anyone can give very good ideas about which would be the best Tokenomics for the ATOM economy, and the truth is that we urgently need it because although it is True, the team is working on integration and giving ATOM a better use case, but as long as the same Tokenomics continue, we are losing investors and people who are going to prefer other Projects that have a more futuristic vision, such as ETH, BNB, which are from the best in Tokenomics. Please, there must be more information and dates for discussion and implementation. I don’t know if you realize it, but Cryptocurrencies are at a stage where business investment by Large companies begins at any moment, but if they are not guaranteed a future with good Tokenomics, several projects will be left out. So, in my opinion, we should expedite this issue, please.

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you missed the twitter space yesterday which presented the teams in charge of the improvement of the tokenomic and the calendar relating to this subject


Hello good morning.

They gave dates, can you tell me please, because they are not on any social network.

i think the first concrete ideas will be released end of September

7 to 8 on chain proposals by October for the community to choose the future of the hub and its adapted tokenomics

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