Community pool spend prop: Transparency & OCA tools

Hi all,

The purpose of this post is to gauge interest in using the community pool to fund the development of On-Chain-Analysis (OCA) tools for IBC chains.

-There have been multiple instances recently where the people involved in IBC chains have wanted to track the flow of transactions, whether it be rug-pull NFTs, malicious contracts or other unusual transactions.
-On Bitcoin and Eth there are many OCA tools that can be used to investigate transaction chains, connected wallets etc.
-The only app I could find which provides good functionality, as well as providing a free service, is Breadcrumbs ( , Breadcrumbs App – Medium)
-Governments, some developers, and anyone with a lot of money already have this capability
-In effect, having an investigative tooling available cross-IBC and free to use would level the playing field.

What’s been done so far:
-The idea has been paneled with a few validators to gauge interest. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.
-I’ve engaged with dev team, and have been given the following rough guidance:

  1. Cost for Ronin integration is [XXX] a month incl hosting (ie dedicated servers for storing chain data and doing the processing)
  2. Dev time is 2 months

My thoughts:
-The community spend would be for 1 year’s service ([XXX] max)
-The possibility of saving money, or developing a symbiotic relationship exists through using Akash for hosting
-Other IBC chains may want to chip in as it’s effects would be for all of IBC

Way forward:

  1. If the community here is in favour, I will continue to engage with the Breadcrumb Dev Team and put them in touch with any Devs who want to help (There will be lots of questions I can’t answer).
  2. If the community here disagrees, I will discontinue this idea.

In summary, I believe paying to make investigative tooling available for all is in line with the Cosmos Hub’s ethos of transparency and security.

I am in no way affiliated with Breadcrumb and have no financial gain from this proposal

*Prices censored at request of breadcrumbs

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Hey Yaro! Just want to clarify what kind of post this is - I see you’ve titled it ‘Signalling’ but also described it as a Community Pool Spend proposal.

I think what you’re doing here is gathering feedback on a community spend proposal you’d like to make, correct?

Hi Lexa,

That’s exactly what I’m doing - gathering feedback to see if the community here thinks this would be a good proposal to continue work on. My apologies for titling it signalling, I thought it was the most accurate description at the time, but I’ll edit it now to remove the ambiguity.

IMO this is a good idea, and possibly even a candidate for funding from the ICF? Since this is not necessarily a project for the “good of atom”, but is kinda critical for the ecosystem to have. Right?