Unable to join Discord

at the bottom of this page: Liquidity Module | Cosmos SDK Tutorials there’s a section “Questions?” with a link to Discord: Cosmos Developers

when I click on it, the page complains Invalid Invite: “The invite may be expired or you might not have permission to join”

can anyone help me get onboard?

p.s. if I should be asking elsewhere, please let me know where it’s best

I just banned in Discord without any reasons. So, you are lucky, that you can join Discord of Cosmos!

I can’t join. the invite is invalid

discord links are being updated. please use Cosmos Developers from now on!


But I banned by Catdotfish at Discord of Cosmos because of her own wish, not because of any real reasons.
What I can do to join to Discord and speak with devs about creating tools on Cosmos SDK?

If you were banned I am sure there was a valid reason.

All totalitarian states hold on to exactly this: On confidence in infallibility.

I was contributing to Cosmos Network for 2 years.
I’m not scam.
I’m not a cheater.
I made tools for Cosmos.
I’m evangelist of Cosmos and Decentralization.

No reasons to ban me in Discord, Telegram, Keplr and several other groups.
This is repressions to those, who is disagree with centralization of Social Power in the community.

And now, you just have a believe, like a people believe in god, that was a valid reason, and even don’t want to know, is it true or not.

We lost this battle for the decentralization…
Small group of people can do anything they want, and nobody will cares, because, developers to busy with code, and they totally sure, that some valid reasons for authoritarianism exist.

But no reason for authoritarianism.

The only reason is to protect own social power, and don’t give to others change something.

very sad to hear that. I’m wanting to develop on Cosmos but your experience is a big deterrent. as it is, I can’t join Discord so I can’t connect with others and can’t even build their tutorials. I may do better to make my attempts on Polkadot

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Next time, when you will be asked about potential risks for project development on Cosmos, you need to write: Bad mood of authoritarian admin. Our developers can be banned, just because of the wish of admin with bad mood, and nobody will help you, because other developers can’t believe, that it can be. They to busy with code, and have no time to see what’s happening in community

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I don’t really like the vision of Polkadot. But nice that I can use Cosmos SDK also without being in Cosmos Discord. Of course, some problems with connection between developers, but anyway - much more easy than Substrat

could I ask you for help? maybe not directly but perhaps some guidance. would you contact me if you have a chance? https://t.me/@ekkis

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I always glad to help, if it’s something good and useful)

My TG: t.me/antropocosmist

Hi, Please use - Cosmos Developers