Update on the timing of v9

I’ve been updating the timeline on v8 and v9 in this other post, but now that v8 is out, I thought v9 should have it’s own thread to communicate any delays.

Currently, we are targeting a Feb. 15th start date for voting on the v9 proposal. This is 3 weeks later than we had planned at the beginning of January. Most of this is due to last minute bugs in v8, which v9 is built on. We’ve been compiling these bugs and their causes internally and will be figuring out how to prevent them in future, or at least find out about them sooner.

The Feb. 15th voting date means that RS will go live sometime around the start of March, around March 3rd or so. This is just an estimate, but we are leaving ourselves more of a buffer than we have for estimates we made in January.


We had hoped to put the proposal on chain tomorrow, but due to some integration bugs we found in the release testnet, we’ll have to make some small fixes. Optimistically it could go on chain as early as Thursday, but if that doesn’t happen it will need to be pushed to next week.


hi, any update when the proposal will be on-chain for voting?

Expected it this Wednesday.

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*Update, V9 Lambda Upgrade proposal is now in the voting period on-chain:


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